7 Ways I’ve Learned To Save Money While Traveling

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One of the biggest myths in travel is that taking an adventure of a lifetime has to be expensive.  Often the cost of living, when travelling as a budget backpacker, is less than the regular expenditures associated with living back home; however, learning all of the ins and outs of budget travel is a process that is mastered over time.  The following is a list of some of the ways in which I’ve learned how to shave costs over the years:


Before I first started backpacking I had somewhat of a negative image of staying in a hostel.  I suppose I watched too many bad movies where hostels are always depicted as grungy, low class, dangerous places to stay.  In my opinion, in most cases, this couldn’t be anything further from the truth.  In many ways hostels beat stays in hotels.  Not only are many hostels charming and affordable but they’re fantastic places for one to meet other travellers and exchange notes and possibly even forge lasting friendships.

Eating Locally 

When travelling I’m often dumbfounded by the amount of travellers I see eating at fast food joints when local dining options are all around them.  Even if you’re not necessary a foodie with adventurous taste-buds, by making an effort to eat locally once a while you’ll save yourself a lot of money.

Coupon Codes

Coupon codes are a fantastic wave to shave money off of transportation tickets, admission to cultural events or even certain dining and entertainment events.  As an example, recently I used voucher codes to receive a discount to a special traditional Korean folk performance in Seoul.

Traveling Overland When Possible

 Experiencing a jet set lifestyle while travelling is appealing to many; however, when it comes to saving money this is a surefire way to burn a hole through your wallet.  Instead, whenever possible try to take overland transportation options such as buses and trains to cut back on costs.

Slowing Down

The point of travelling is to try to cram in as many travel experiences in as short amount of time as possible?  I used to actually travel this way until I learned to slow down and see more.  Aside from having a more meaningful and rich travel experience, slow travel will ensure you save money as well.  I’ve also started packing lighter when I travel so that when I am mobile I’m not breaking my back in the process 😛

Discount Airlines

Recently, discount airlines have presented travel options that are at times cheaper than even overland travel!  By booking a flight on a discount airline, such as Air Asia, not only will you save time travelling but you now may save money as well!  What’s not to like about that?

Sharing Travel Expenses

Finally, I’ve learned that travelling with a mate or partner is a great way to enrich your travel experiences.  Not only will you have somebody to share things with but you’ll also be able to share costs on items such as taxis, hotels, food and other modes of transportation.


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