Budget Airlines to Consider in Europe and Asia

When travelling around the world the two biggest costs typically tend to be transportation and accommodation.  On the transportation side of things, flying internationally can at times cost more than an entire month of budget backpacking in regions such as SE Asia.  Thus, when considering flying overseas it’s important to compare fares, use coupons and select airlines that are known for being budget friendly.  The following two airlines are known for being great selections for those on a budget.  For those looking to step things up a notch airline companies such as Virgin Atlantic are worth considering.  When booking don’t pay full price at Virgin Atlantic this year by using voucher codes as an option to get further discounts.

Easy Jet for travel in Europe

Considered to be an elite budget airline option for those flying in Europe, Easy Jet is the largest airline of the United Kingdom in terms of number of passengers and international departures.  Just as recently as 2011, 55 million passengers flew with Easy Jet.  In order to keep costs down complimentary snacks are not provided on board and connecting flights are more or less non-existent.  One of the best features of Easy Jet is that it typically flies to primary airports as opposed to secondary.  In other words, by choosing Easy Jet you’re typically landing in the most convenient locations which are closer to the city centre.

Air Asia for all places in Asia

For those flying in Asia look no further than to Air Asia for your best bet for budget flights within the region.  As the premier airline in the region for low fare, no frills flights routes have dramatically been expanded in recent years.  The Airline typically offers special promotions months in advance for those with advance knowledge of where they want to go.  Based and originating from Malaysia, Air Asia has now expanded significantly and includes branches such as  Thai AirAsia, Indonesia AirAsia, AirAsia Philippines, AirAsia Japan and Air Asia X.


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