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Sailing in the Finnish Archipelago

As I’m typing this, I’m mere hours away from leaving Toronto, Canada en route to return to one of my favorite countries in Europe.  It was the first country in Europe I ever visited and it is the one country that reminds me the most of home in terms of nature, lifestyle and culture.  If [...]



Today’s article comes from Francis Tapon who is on a 4 year quest to explore Africa. Having already spent 1 year travelling around West Africa, Francis has decided to take on a new project to showcase “The Unseen Africa”. His goal is to delve deeper into the continent and showcase Africa for more than the wars and [...]


Budapest Parliament Building - Flickr CC nickton

Paris has its high fashion and romance, Rome has its glamour and buzz, but there is something deeply exotic about Budapest that other European cities struggle to match. This fascinating capital city has natural beauty in spades, from its expansive Great Plain, to its natural springs, to the mighty Danube. But it can be equally [...]


Hogmanay in Edinburgh, Scotland - 2014.

Living a nomadic lifestyle, over the past eight years, has meant I’m rarely been in one place when the pages of the calendar turn from one year to the next. In the past decade, I’ve spent more time in Asia than I have in North America (Canada). More often than not I’ve been wearing t-shirts [...]


BODRUM, TURKEY - Flickr CC Yilmaz Ovunc

The cultural history of the West and the East meet in dynamic Turkey, where a major appeal lies in the selection of historical and cultural experiences that are simply unrivalled elsewhere. Of course, the country is also famous for the wonderful beach holidays that its long coastlines offer, which also boast some of the best [...]


Xian City Walls at Night - Flickr CC capelle79

Xian is one of the major economic and political centers in Shaanxi province. Its historic importance to the economy of china cannot be underestimated. As one of the largest cities in North China, Xian boasts of great historical attractions that bring thousands of tourists and visitors on a yearly basis. The Ancient Xian City Wall [...]

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Hong Kong by night

Hong Kong is a very dynamic city and it boasts one of the best skylines in the world. Its rich history is reflected in the architecture and its cityscape. Hong Kong has numerous impressive sites that are accessible even by night to make your holiday a memorable one. If you are planning to take a [...]


Twitter themed hotel in Majorca, Spain

There is a new breed of hotel emerging, and when it comes to dominating on social media, Sol Wave House is leaps and bounds ahead of the game. Sol Wave House is elevating the party hostel idea to a whole new level by moving the festivities to a trendy beachfront setting. The resort is located on the [...]


A Farm in Greece - Flickr CC ben_salter

Greece’s gastronomy is the culmination of climate, terrain, invasion, occupation and migration, trade, economics and culture. The country has an abundance of livestock and seafood and plentiful fresh, local and seasonal foods, and, consequently, a diverse range of foods and dishes.  Whether visitors hike Crete’s coast and mountains, embark on a cultural city break to [...]


Long Dong Taiwan Sunset

Taiwan will always hold a special place in our hearts. It’s a place where the locals go out of their way to display enormous amounts of kindness to each and every foreigner they pass. It’s an island with chaotic night markets, sensational food, and garbage trucks that play Beethoven. It’s a location with some of [...]

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