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Sailing in the Finnish Archipelago

As I’m typing this, I’m mere hours away from leaving Toronto, Canada en route to return to one of my favorite countries in Europe.  It was the first country in Europe I ever visited and it is the one country that reminds me the most of home in terms of nature, lifestyle and culture.  If [...]



Today’s article comes from Francis Tapon who is on a 4 year quest to explore Africa. Having already spent 1 year travelling around West Africa, Francis has decided to take on a new project to showcase “The Unseen Africa”. His goal is to delve deeper into the continent and showcase Africa for more than the wars and [...]


Cuba text message prank

When is the last time you pulled a good prank on one of your best friends?  If it has been a while (or even if it hasn’t) the Cuba Travel Network is providing you with an opportunity to pull a fast one on your friend with an opportunity to win a once in a lifetime [...]


Architecture in Melaka, Malaysia

As a major foodie, whenever I visit a new destination, one of the things I look forward to the most is sampling the local cuisine. Every country has their own signature dishes and unique blend of flavours that sets them apart from the rest, and I love discovering those little differences. Malaysia’s cuisine wowed me with [...]


Matmata, Tunisia - Flickr CC artistica2004

If you’re looking for an offbeat holiday destination, then you may not have to look any further than Tunisia. Set on the shores of the Mediterranean, this wedge of land is home to beautiful golden beaches, however, there’s plenty more to do here than spend the days sunbathing. Tunisia is home to some dramatic landscapes, [...]


Monks in the outskirts of Luang Prabang

Laos is becoming an increasingly popular travel destination, and for good reason. With a culture deeply rooted in history and tradition, this serene, laid back country offers friendliness, charm and stunning beauty. Surrounded by untouched natural landscapes, Laos represents enchantment and enlightenment. Among the overwhelming number of wonderful places to see in Laos are the following five [...]


Budapest Parliament Building - Flickr CC nickton

Paris has its high fashion and romance, Rome has its glamour and buzz, but there is something deeply exotic about Budapest that other European cities struggle to match. This fascinating capital city has natural beauty in spades, from its expansive Great Plain, to its natural springs, to the mighty Danube. But it can be equally [...]


Greek Food - Flickr CC stevendepolo

The beautiful and historic capital city of Athens is bathed in ancient Greek history and boasts some of the most famous monuments in Europe. The Parthenon, The Temple of Hephaestus and the Acropolis Museum are just some of the magnificent relics left from one of the greatest, and oldest, civilisations the world has ever known. [...]


Hogmanay in Edinburgh, Scotland - 2014.

Living a nomadic lifestyle, over the past eight years, has meant I’m rarely been in one place when the pages of the calendar turn from one year to the next. In the past decade, I’ve spent more time in Asia than I have in North America (Canada). More often than not I’ve been wearing t-shirts [...]


Flickr CC rukakuusamo

Lapland is one of the largest regions in Finland and it borders several countries including Russia, Sweden, and Norway. It is a densely populated region with a rich history. Winter is one of the best times to visit Lapland and there are plenty of fun-filled adventures to take part in – even better, you might [...]

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