Living the dream of a location independent lifestyle as a digital nomad is the vision of many long-term travellers these days.  I’m thrilled that Nora Dunn of The Professional Hobo has taken time out of her busy schedule to answer a few questions related to this very topic.  She’s an inspiration for many and her […]


Orphanage in Atacames, Ecuador

Q1) What types of volunteer opportunities are available in Latin America? Everything you can imagine! You can volunteer with children, work on sustainable community development, build low-cost housing, become farmer, assist the elderly, teach English, build websites… The list is only limited to your imagination.   Q2) What sort of skills are they looking for […]


Matt Gibson paddling a boat in Taiwan

In this interview, one of my best friends in the travel blogging world, Matt Gibson, takes time out of his busy schedule to answer some questions regarding adventure travel in Taiwan.  I’m sure his answers will inspire you to visit Formosa for an adventure of your own! Q1) What are some adventure sports activities one could consider […]


My Korean Students - Teaching English Overseas in Korea

Recently I caught up with Matt Kepnes (better known on-line as Nomadic Matt) in Seoul, Korea while he was visiting briefly for a few days.  Although many know Matt for his ‘nomadic’ lifestyle, it may come as a surprise to hear that he was once an ESL teacher in Asia for nearly a year and a half. […]


A photo of Som Tam Thai - Thai cuisine

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting up with Mark Wiens in Seoul, South Korea.  As an expert in travel and food in Asia, it was Mark’s first time to Korea and I figured nothing short of a traditional feast in Seoul would be sufficient.  Mark runs the ever popular Migrationology travel blog showcasing his […]


Audrey Bergner (That Backpacker) wielding a sword with some Korean martial artist performers

It’s not everyday that you get to interview your girlfriend.  Since meeting Audrey a couple of months ago in Korea we’ve been exploring Seoul and other areas in Gyeonggi.  I’m extremely biased but I think she has one of the best travel sites in the world over at That Backpacker.  It’s incredible how obsessed we […]


Traveling the Philippines - the pear of the orient

This interview is with top travel blogger Flip Nomad Q1) What are some of the most popular places to travel in the Philippines? A: The most popular destination as of now for both local and foreign tourists alike is Boracay. The island offers a wide shore of blinding white sand, crystal clear water and fresh […]


I’ve recently been doing a series of interviews/articles where I’ve been asking experts in various fields to offer some insight into what it is like to be pursuing their chosen career abroad.  Interviews/articles have covered topics such as Teaching English in China, Teaching English in Taiwan, working overseas in a variety of professions and becoming […]


I’m delighted to be featuring an interview with Erin and Simon of the popular travel blog Never Ending Voyage.  They’re two digital nomads with extensive backpacking experiences all over the world.  They’re currently based in Chiang Mai, Thailand which happens to be a hotbed for digital nomads.  In this interview they discuss an assortment of […]


This is an interview with top travel bloggers Cam & Nicole of the Traveling Canucks. The travel blogging community is filled with talented, supportive and positive members, but few embody this more than Cam & Nicole Wears (aka the Traveling Canucks).  I’m delighted they’ve taken the time to answer questions related to travel in beautiful […]