Hectic train station in India

My Two Favorite Modes of Transportation While Traveling For many travellers the process of getting from point A to B is cumbersome.  Maybe I have a few too many loose screws, but for me personally, it’s one of the true joys of travel.  I absolutely love being on the road and the physical act of […]


Nomadic Samuel

There is simply no way to put this mildly or sugarcoat this in any way, shape or form: My Blog Sucks! It has sucked for a while and I’m desperately hoping to revive it like a phoenix from the ashes :p In recent months, I’ve done everything that I would NOT recommend one do in […]


Bret and Mary

It’s hard to fathom my site is close to celebrating its first birthday. In a sense it feels as though I’ve been blogging for an eternity but at the same time it’s as though I just started. It’s been an emotional roller-coaster ride of a year filled with drop dead lows and epic highs. I’ve […]


Nomadic Samuel traveling A to Z

Thanks to the nomination from fine fellow travel bloggers Aussie On The Road & Man on the Lam I’ve decided to participate in the A-Z of travel. A: Age you made your first international trip I ended up travelling to the States (technically an international border) at a really young age but my first ‘real’ […]


Nomadic Samuel Thanks a Million

Thanks a million! You often hear this expression tossed around in the non-literal sense; however, I’m saying it today literally. I want to thank all of my readers on Nomadic Samuel, my photo sub-domain and my youtube channel for the combined 1,144,106 views I’ve received on my travel related materials this year. I’ve been blown […]