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Eating Cendol Dessert in Malacca

If you’re having trouble viewing this video click here: This is a travel video of us eating a refreshing and delicious serving of Cendol dessert (at an outdoor and indoor restaurant) on a hot and humid day in Malacca (Melaka), Malaysia. We first ventured off to a little whole in the wall type of […]


Malacca River Walk

If you have trouble viewing this click here: In our latest travel video we decide to take a walking tour along the Malacca River in Melaka, Malaysia. Waking up early was the right decision as we beat the heat and humidity that follow several hours later. As we walked along the river we noticed […]

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Melaka River Night Cruise

If you have trouble viewing this video click here: In this travel video we head to the Melaka River for a night cruise boat tour in Malacca, Malaysia. Having visited parts of this river on foot during the day it looked totally different at night with the neon lights reflecting in the water. I’ve […]


Touring around Masada, Israel

If you have trouble viewing this video click here: Touring around Masada, Israel overlooking the Dead Sea travel video ( מצדה ). Video Script: So today we’re visiting Masada and we just finished taking the cable car up to the very top of the fort and now we’re going to go check it out. […]


How to eat a Krembo

If you have trouble viewing this video click here: How to eat a Krembo in Israel (קרמבו) with expert advice from the Taste of Israel Team. Video Script: (Israeli chocolate marshmallow treat): My name is Elad. I’m a Krembo expert. This is Israeli sweet. Now as I was saying. There are two types of […]


Exploring Old Jerusalem

Visiting Jerusalem including a tour around Mahane Yehuda Market and Old Jerusalem, Israel Video Script: Today we’ve got a lot activities planned. We’re going to be covering a lot of Jerusalem, so this is just a compilation of our day’s adventure. More background music playing. Market noises. Fluffy! Meow. You’ve got a pretty little friend. […]


Israeli and Arabic Street Food Tour

Eating Israeli Street Food and Arabic Street Food touring around Jaffa – Tel Aviv, Israel Video Script: So today is our first morning in Israel. It is our first time in the Middle East and we’re super excited. And to start things off we’re going to be doing a food tour around Jaffa. Where we’re […]


West Bank Palestine Tour

A Tour of the West Bank / Palestine visiting Bethlehem, Jericho and Jordan River with Abraham Tours. Video Script: Today we’re going on a tour of West Bank or Palestine. We have a very diverse tour. We’re going to be seeing historical attractions, political attractions and tourist attractions. Our first stop today is Sheppard’s Field […]

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