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Watching a traditional Khmer Apsara Dance in Cambodia

Having trouble viewing this video?  Click here: In our latest travel video we attend a special traditional Khmer dance, music and folk cultural performance (Aspara Dance) at a special theater/buffet dining hall in Siem Reap, Cambodia. The ‘Aspara Dance’ is one of the most popular shows in town showcasing traditional forms of dance in […]


Banteay Srei Temple in Cambodia

If you have trouble viewing the video click here: In this travel video we take a long tuk-tuk journey to explore Banteay Srei at the Temples of Angkor, Siem Reap Province, Cambodia nearby the hill of Phnom Dei. Waking up early at 4:40 am we were hopeful we’d be one of the first people […]


Taking a tuk-tuk ride around the temples of Angkor, Cambodia

If you have trouble viewing this video click here: This is a travel video capturing clips from our entire three day experience visiting the Temples of Angkor by tuk-tuk (autorickshaw) in Siem Reap Province, Cambodia. By far our preferred (and recommended) way of getting around the temples, the tuk-tuk drivers are knowledgeable about which […]

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Preah Khan Temple in Cambodia

If you have trouble viewing this video click here: After visiting Angkor Wat we headed over to Preah Khan to explore a less popular (but equally impressive temple) at the Temples of Angkor, Siem Reap Province, Cambodia. Immediately, we felt a sense of relief having escaped the enormous crowds at Angkor Wat. It was […]


Finnish Food Taste Test

While in Finland we planned on doing a Finnish candy taste test including sampling Finnish chocolate, Finnish licorice and Finnish Salmiakki; however, we completely ran out of time. After raiding a Finnish supermarket we stocked up on as many products as we could and stuffed them into our already tightly packed suitcases to try back […]


Helsinki Attractions Travel Guide

Helsinki Attractions Travel Guide: 1) Street Performers and Street Performances 2) Helsinki Cathedral 3) Salmiakki Kiosk (Finnish Black Salty Licorice) 4) Dinner in the Sky 5) Market Square to shop for Finnish souvenirs and eat salmon 6) Design district 7) Carpet washing docks 8) Chapel of Silence 9) Rock Church 10) Bicycle City Tour 11) […]

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Eating Salmiakki Taste Test

When Audrey and I found out we’d be heading back to Finland, I instantly thought of Salmiakki. For nearly a year I’ve been craving this Finnish black salty liquorice, known as Salmiakki or Salmiak. Unlike sweet black licorice that I’ve had back home in Canada this is overwhelming salty or what some have described as […]


Standup Paddleboarding and Finnish Sauna

On our final day of travel in Finland (day six) we had some exciting activities planned. In the morning we both tried Standup Paddleboarding (SUP) for the first time. The idea is that you stand up on this massive paddle board, which is a lot more stable than a surf board, and paddle your way […]