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Medieval lunch at Olde Hansa in Tallinn, Estonia

We are in Tallinn, Estonia this afternoon and we have decided to stop for a Medieval feast at a restaurant that is called Olde Hansa. Video Script: P As we’re just about to get Medieval on you we’re waiting for a fair Maiden to come take our order. And what might you be drinking over [...]


Things to do in Tallinn, Estonia

After taking a ferry ride from Helsinki, Finland we arrived in Estonia where we showcase some of the top attractions and best things to do in Tallinn travel guide. Video Script: So today we find ourselves in Tallinn, Estonia. We took the ferry over from Helsinki and it was a two hour ride and now [...]

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Finnish Food Taste Test

While in Finland we planned on doing a Finnish candy taste test including sampling Finnish chocolate, Finnish licorice and Finnish Salmiakki; however, we completely ran out of time. After raiding a Finnish supermarket we stocked up on as many products as we could and stuffed them into our already tightly packed suitcases to try back [...]


Helsinki Attractions Travel Guide

Helsinki Attractions Travel Guide: 1) Street Performers and Street Performances 2) Helsinki Cathedral 3) Salmiakki Kiosk (Finnish Black Salty Licorice) 4) Dinner in the Sky 5) Market Square to shop for Finnish souvenirs and eat salmon 6) Design district 7) Carpet washing docks 8) Chapel of Silence 9) Rock Church 10) Bicycle City Tour 11) [...]

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Eating Salmiakki Taste Test

When Audrey and I found out we’d be heading back to Finland, I instantly thought of Salmiakki. For nearly a year I’ve been craving this Finnish black salty liquorice, known as Salmiakki or Salmiak. Unlike sweet black licorice that I’ve had back home in Canada this is overwhelming salty or what some have described as [...]


Standup Paddleboarding and Finnish Sauna

On our final day of travel in Finland (day six) we had some exciting activities planned. In the morning we both tried Standup Paddleboarding (SUP) for the first time. The idea is that you stand up on this massive paddle board, which is a lot more stable than a surf board, and paddle your way [...]


Exploring Hanko by boat and bicycle & cooking Finnish cuisine

Our day five adventure travels in Finland started with an adrenaline rush. From Kasnas we departed with Rib boats on a white knuckle grip adventure in the Baltic sea to Hanko (Swedish: Hangö) – a bilingual port town. After resting and filling our bellies with copious amounts of creamy Salmon soup, molasses infused rye bread [...]


Horseback riding and boating adventures in Finland

One of the top highlights of our return trip to Finland was having an opportunity to once again visit the Finnish Archipelago and specifically Kasnäs. One year ago, we had the opportunity to visit Rosala Viking Village, BENGTSKÄR Lighthouse and go sea kayaking.  This time around would be a whole new adventure as we went horseback riding and [...]


Hiking in Nuuksio National Park

On day three of our outdoor adventure travels in Finland we ventured away from Helsinki to explore the rugged wilderness of the Finnish countryside. Our first stop was at Nuuksio National park where we went on a guided hike. Walking in the woods allowed us to experience scenic lakes and forest in natural setting. There [...]


Biking and Kayaking in Helsinki

Our second day in Finland was full of adventures.  We started off by going on a biking tour of Helsinki which covered the downtown area but mostly focused on scenic sections mere kilometers away from the heart of the city.  It was wonderful getting out into the woods, meandering around the water and visiting small [...]

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