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Visiting Amman Citadel in Jordan

Visiting Amman Citadel in Amman, Jordan (Jabal al-Qal’a – جبل القلعة). Video Script: We’re in Amman this morning and we’re going to be checking out the Citadel which is right behind us. The fractured fingers we just saw were believed to have belong to Hercules but our guide said they looked a little bit too [...]


Visiting a Bedouin Home to Drink Coffee and Eat Bread

Visiting a Bedouin Home to drink coffee, tea and eat bread inside of the tent in Jordan (بَدَوِي,). Video Script: So this morning we are doing something called the Bedouin experience which means we are visiting a village with a local Bedouin and he’s just showing us around some of the things his family do. [...]


Staying at the Fenyan Eco Lodge in Jordan

Feynan Eco Lodge Hotel located at Dana Biosphere Reserve in Jordan (ضانا) Video Script: So we spent the night at a pretty cool place last night. We are at the Feynan Eco Lodge and we had to drive three and a half hours to get here. The last thirty minutes were actually spent in the [...]

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Road to Petra, Jordan

Going off-road in the back of a truck over mountainous terrain and desert to reach Petra, Journey. Video Script: So excited right now because we are finally making our way over to Petra Bedouin style. As you can see we’re going be to riding in the back of a pickup truck for about an hour [...]


Visiting Petra Jordan

Visiting Petra, Jordan Travel Video (البتراء – Πέτρα) in the archaeological city of Ma’an. Video Script: So we finally made it to Petra and it was the best introduction ever. We had to walk through the canyon for about an hour with our guide and he kept stopping and explaining little things. And right before [...]

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Camping with Bedouins in Jordan

Sleeping in a Bedouin tent, dancing, singing, smoking hookah and riding camels in Wadi Rum, Jordan. Video Script: Singing and chanting noises by Bedouin men. More singing and chanting sounds. That’s our dinner being dug up. We had a big communal meal that was cooked in the sand. It was really cool watching the Bedouins [...]


Visiting the Dead Sea in Jordan

Visiting the Dead Sea in Jordan getting muddy and floating البحر الميت – יָם הַ‏‏מֶּ‏‏לַ‏. Video Script: This one is a lot smoother and gooier than the one we had in Israel. Is it? Show me the big lovely pile of mud. That you’re going to smear all over yourself. I am. Because it is [...]


Kayaking the Whitsunday Islands

Slowly but surely we’re starting to shed the label of being considered as ‘travel wimps’ afraid to try anything adventurous.  In the past year we’ve gone sea kayaking in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam and around Kimitoon Island in Finland.  When we noticed kayaking was a popular activity for those based nearby the Whitsunday Islands, we [...]


Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

When Audrey and I first found out we were coming to Queensland, Australia one of the first things we got really excited about was to potentially have a chance to have authentic encounters with animals native to Australia.  Holding a koala, petting and feeding a kangaroo and spotting a Wallaby for the first time were [...]


Finnish Food Taste Test

While in Finland we planned on doing a Finnish candy taste test including sampling Finnish chocolate, Finnish licorice and Finnish Salmiakki; however, we completely ran out of time. After raiding a Finnish supermarket we stocked up on as many products as we could and stuffed them into our already tightly packed suitcases to try back [...]

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