Back to Finland!

Sailing in the Finnish Archipelago

As I’m typing this, I’m mere hours away from leaving Toronto, Canada en route to return to one of my favorite countries in Europe.  It was the first country in Europe I ever visited and it is the one country that reminds me the most of home in terms of nature, lifestyle and culture.  If you haven’t guessed it already – I’m heading back to Finland!

This time around I’ll be focusing mostly on adventure and outdoors types of activities.  Here is a glimpse of the sample itinerary I’ve been provided by #VisitFinland and #OutdoorsFinland:

  • Going on a biking tour of Helsinki
  • Kayaking under the midnight sun
  • Trekking in Nuuksio National Park
  • Experiencing a Finnish Sauna
  • Visiting the Bengtskär lighthouse which sits out at sea
  • Kayaking and island-hopping around the archipelago
  • Enjoying some beach time in Hanko
  • Going on a cycling tour of Hanko’s local farms

Natural rugged beauty in the Finnish Archipelago

Our last trip to Finland saw us covering Helsinki and exploring around the Finnish Archipelago.  This time around we’ll be covering even more.  Expect to see photo essays, stories, daily vlogs and a plethora of travel videos in the coming weeks.

Audrey kayaking in Finland

Some of my personal goals this time around include:

1)  Creating a comprehensive Helsinki guide highlighting the top attractions and off-the-beaten-path places worth visiting in the form of a photo essay, travel video and travel guide.

2)  Taste testing more Finnish foods!  Last time around we made a dedicated Salmiakki video; however, many of our YouTube fans mentioned we tried a very mild brand.  This time around I want to try them all and to showcase more salmiakki type products, such as liquor and ice cream.

3)  Showcase the raw natural beauty of Finland.  As one of the most scenic countries I’ve ever visited, I want to really capture what it is like to be outdoors in Finland with all of the adventure and leisure activities available.

Come join us on our adventures around Finland!


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