Get over a breakup in the best location ever

Get over a breakup in the best location ever

Some people might call it running away from your problems, but others understand that life is too short not to grab an opportunity for a guilt-free holiday; if you’ve had your heart broken, a change of scenery could be just what you need. But what type of holiday is right for you?

Be alone to collect your thoughts

If you want time to think things over after a break up – and this doesn’t permit agonising over everything that was said – or when the last thing you want is to be around hoards of people (including well-meaning friends) a few nights in a hotel in the Seychelles could be ideal. This collection of 115 islands boasts uncrowded beaches, stunning wildlife – we’re talking giant tortoises here – and views that will help you to put everything that’s happened into perspective. If you want to feel like you’re in a whole other world, you can take a walking tour through the dense forestry of the Morne Seychellois National Park on Mahé, or dive to the hidden depths of the Indian Ocean. Luxury, sunshine, strange creatures – how can you stay sad?

Be around people

If you suspect the only way to feel better is to lose yourself in a dizzying crowd of sweaty, fun-loving clubbers, Berlin is calling. Clubs reach their peak at around 2am, and you’ll probably still be going strong at 6am, so be prepared for big nights. If you want more, there are 24-hour boozers, and you can pretty much expect your music tastes to be catered to no matter what they are.

Feed your soul

If a tub of ice cream and a family sized bar of fruit and nut just won’t cut it, jet off to Italy for the kind of food that can really mend a broken heart… or at least make you so full you’ll care a little less. Sicily’s food is world-famous for being fantastic, so where better to take a trip? Expect cuisine that’s so varied you’ll never be bored, street food to die for and really fresh produce. Start off with a little street food from the open-air markets – arancini, perhaps. These stuffed rice balls come filled with anything from ragu to mozzarella to peas, and are really delicious. Next you’ve just got to have some spaghetti, but why not let Sicily wow you with its speciality – seafood. Spaghetti ai ricci will certainly be an experience – it’s made using about 15 sea urchins!



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