Guest Posts


Although I will consider all posts, the following topics and/or destinations are ‘highly’ preferred:

Don’t feel intimidated to request guest posting on an established travel blog if you’re just starting out.  We all start off pressing the publish button for the first time and I’d like to feature emerging bloggers just as much as I would posts from top travel blogs.

  1. Photo Essays (Stunning high resolution photos that capture the spirit of a region, event, city, country, people)
  2. Daily Travel Photo (High resolution image (1050p) that will be featured as the image of the day on my blog)  *Not currently accepting*
  3. Quirky Travel Tale (A tale of misfortune that is either quirky/hilarious/outrageous or all of the above)
  4. Travel Photography Tips (Information, advice, recommendations related to travel photography)
  5. ESL Tips (A post related to teaching English overseas)
  6. Motivation (A post that is inspiring and will encourage others to travel)
  7. Specifically any post related to Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Australia or Central America – regions/territories I’ve yet to cover myself

RULES: Please take consideration of the following:

  1. Showcase your best materials (writing, photos, videos) NOT the leftover crumbs under the table you wouldn’t even consider posting on your own site 😛
  2. Duplicate posts will NOT be featured (only original content) & if you want to tackle it later on your own blog, please do it taking a different slant
  3. Don’t be offended if I reject your post. I do reserve the right to do that & it doesn’t mean I think your materials aren’t worthy – it’s just they may not be the right fit for my blog.
  4. For consideration send me an outline of what your post is going to be about. 

Procedure:  Completing Guest Posts

1)  I will send you a guest ID and password

2)  Once you have completed your guest post please let me know and I will look it over before publishing

3)  Please only upload photos at 680 p (for regular posts) or 1050 p (for photo essays)


Promoting Your Guest Post

  1. Let’s promote the post together by sharing it through our various channels and responding to reader comments.
  2. Social media (twitter, facebook, stumble upon, etc) is a great way to promote your efforts and to attract new viewers. 

Sources: I will only consider guest posts from ‘independent’ travel bloggers, backpackers or tourists.