7 Travel Blogs Featuring Stunning Photography

Having only recently launched my own travel blog, one of the most exciting things about discovering other travel blogs and connecting with other bloggers has been the diversity and uniqueness of each site. Some bloggers focus on writing with an emphasis towards destination based articles, whereas others typically tell tales of misfortune and other hilarious pursuits. There are blogs about traveling as a couple, backpacking solo and luxurious travel. With all of the great blogs out there, I have to admit the ones that really focus on multimedia (specifically photography) are some of my absolute favourites. Chances are you’ve heard of the somewhat overused adage that a picture can represent a thousand words, but in some cases I really believe that definitely is true.

The following is a list of seven travel bloggers/photographers that take some of the best travel pictures. By clicking on each of their respective photos, you’ll immediately be catapulted over to their site for more perusing – please don’t forget to come back here though 😛 As a caveat, I know I’m leaving out some great other sites that focus on photography, but these seven are the ones I go back to the most frequently and are specifically the sites I most highly recommend for others to check out as well – I have no doubt you’ll be hooked.

2 Backpackers

Jason & Aracely Castellani completed their first long-term trip together as a couple in 2010. After experiencing nirvana while backpacking through most of Central and South America, they have now turned their attention to making their long-term dreams come true. Travel indefinitely. These two travellers entertain and motivate you through adventure videos and inspiring photographs.

Beers and Beans

Bethany & Randy are a freewheelin’, 30-something couple with a little dog named Chachy. Currently, they are traveling around the world (sadly, without Chachy)! Beth is a professional photographer and Randy is a professional journalist, and they’ll be taking those skills to interview people and cover stories and take stunning photographs around the world. They’re definitely a dynamic duo!

Brendan’s Adventures

Brendan van Son is a travel writer and photographer from Rocky Mountain House, Alberta, Canada.  After completing degrees in both Political Science and Human Geography with specialization in Latin America and the developing world, he decided that it was time to discover the world beyond the pages of textbooks and university lectures.  He’s decided to let the streets be his classrooms, everyday people his teachers and the world his own personal jungle gym.

FOGG Odyssey

In 2009, T-Roy Floyd abandoned his six-figure job to pursue a life of travel around the world realizing that travel meant more to him than anything else. While based in Thailand he began to work on his photography skills, reading everything he could on the subject, talking with people and just walking around all day in the markets and streets of Bangkok with his camera shooting photographs. His goal in life is to pursue a “Reverse Retirement” – to not again work a regular job until he’s 40.

Jarek N Photography

JarekN has been passionate about photography since he was a child. From the time he received his first camera he knew that photography would always have a special place in his heart. JarekN is fascinated with travel and after completion of his 7 month trip to Asia where he had opportunity to further expand his portfolio, he’s since decided to move to Asia – currently residing in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam.

Kris Koeller

Kris Koeller loves to travel, take pictures, eat and write all about it. Currenlty based in New York and San Francisco he’s worked in a variety of diverse positions (from consultant to technologist) and is now focusing his attention on his travel blog. Kris has some of the best travel photos and dabbles with creative effects such as time-lapse photography and hdr from time to time.

Photo J Bartlett

Jeff Bartlett is an adventure photographer and writer with two homes: British Columbia, Canada and Mendoza, Argentina. He focuses on assignment-based editorial work. Since 2007, he’s returned to both Argentina and Chile annually, picked up Spanish as a second language and married a Mendocina. Jeff’s adventure photography and writing has been published internationally both in print and online.

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  1. says: Monica


    Great post, I love these blogs. I also feature my photography and articles on SE ASIA on Europe on my site, please check it out and let me know what you think.


  2. says: Davide wannabe travel photographer

    Even if there is a lot of post-editing I love the photo of the interior of St Peter! Maybe one day I’ll be in this list too 🙂

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  5. says: Finland Holidays

    The photography looks stunning. All the pictures looks wonderful. It seems that the pictures are taken by the professional photographer. One can get the clear idea about the place by just seeing the pictures.

  6. I agree – with a lot of the blogs I follow, it’s the beautiful images that draw me in. I love a good travel narrative, but I really love a good travel photo!

    I follow a handful of these but haven’t heard of the others, so thanks for the recommendations.

    1. Christy, I’m glad you were introduced to some new sites 🙂 I almost equally appreciate great travel narrative as much as great photos. What’s fascinating is that each blog has its own style with certain strengths that keep readers hooked.