A reluctant good bye to my Korean students

(Kind happy birthday wishes and good-bye from some grade six students)

As I gathered my two suitcases and prepared to head to the airport I was hit with a tidal wave of emotions. Thoughts of anger, betrayal and confusion were swept aside momentarily as I held up a poster given to me by my students on my final day at school. Their kind words, birthday wishes and taped together pieces of candy meant the world to me at this moment. I took one final glance at the cute decorated notes before I carefully rolled it up and placed it inside my suitcase. I’ve always felt a bond with my students that over the years has allowed me to gloss over less than stellar working & living situations. As I took a quick glance at my empty apartment it hit me for the first time that events that transpired merely 10 days ago were forcing me out of a job and country that had been a reliable source of income, comfort and stability for me up until now. As I wheeled my suitcases out the door I was about to embark on a journey I’d yet to experience before in my life – one of total uncertainty.

(Thank you for the chocolate candies. I had a great time with you as well.)

(Thank you! This situation is very hard for me as well. I didn’t know I was hamsome :P)

(Your tall teacher will never forget this situation – for better or worse. I wish you the best of luck too!)

(Oh my god! My thoughts exactly of late. Best wishes and health to you as well.)

(I won’t forget you either. You (the students) provided the only ray of light I experienced from this school.)

(Thank you for such a lovely decorated card! As bad as things got at this school I won’t forget the kind students who made my stay a little more comfortable)


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