Thanks A Million!

Nomadic Samuel Thanks a Million

Thanks a million! You often hear this expression tossed around in the non-literal sense; however, I’m saying it today literally. I want to thank all of my readers on Nomadic Samuel, my photo sub-domain and my youtube channel for the combined 1,144,106 views I’ve received on my travel related materials this year. I’ve been blown away by your support and I’ve shattered some goals I had quietly set months ago.

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I realize it’s been ages since I wrote anything on my actual blog. These days I’ve been in a transition phase where I’m about to head back to Asia to pursue teaching and travel related projects in the New Year. It’s an exciting time for me as 2012 approaches because I have a lot of projects to simultaneously work on.

Youtube Channel

Β Lately 95% of my focus has been on finishing projects related to my photos and videos that I’ve been posting on youtube. I’m somewhere between 1/2 & 2/3 of the way through my materials and I’m hoping to have all of this wrapped up by sometime in spring.

Two New Websites!


Teach English Travel Overseas Website

I’m also ecstatic to have begun initial work on two new websites I plan to launch sometime in 2012. Teach English Travel Overseas is going to be a site dedicated to teaching ESL overseas. Travel Photography Tips will be a site where I pour all the knowledge I’ve accumulated about photography as a resource for other travellers who are looking to improve their photography skills. I’m hoping my experience and knowledge in these areas are going to benefit those who are looking to teach overseas or for those who want to improve their photography beyond just pointing and shooting.

Travel Photography Tips Website

More Exciting News!


CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) Fifth Estate

In the past several weeks three exciting developments related to my photography and videos have come to fruition. Firstly, footage from my India High Speed Train Video has been used in a music video. I’ll be writing a full post dedicated to that development sometime next week. Secondly, I’ve been contacted by CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) to show some of my footage from Peru on a program called the Fifth Estate. Finally, I’ve submitted three videos to the India Is competition run by the Official Tourism Board. If any of my videos make it to the final cut (voting stage) I’ll be asking for some support in terms of mouse clicks πŸ™‚

Unfortunately, as I’ve mentioned above, I’ve been spending 95% of my time focusing on video projects of late and only 5% of my time on In 2012 (when I finish my video projects) I plan to completely reverse this situation and start spending some serious time writing quirky travel stories, destination based articles, photo essays and motivation/travel tips. For the time being I’m sorry that my only steady contribution has been my photos and videos of the day. In order for a blog to thrive consistent writing is vital and I plan to make this an essential part of my blog next year when my video projects are FINALLY over.

Lastly, I’d like to thank all of you for your continued support and it’s not often that one’s hobby can be turned into something that can be shared with a large audience. I’m a damn lucky guy and I’d like to say once again…Thanks A Million!!!


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