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VIDEO: Korean marinated beef bulgogi for lunch

Korean marinated beef strips Bulgolgi for lunch

In today’s travel video we decided to eat bulgogi at a traditional Korean sitdown restaurant. Bulgogi (불고기) literally means “fire meat”, and it consists of marinated beef strips cooked at your table. The meat simmers in a sweet sauce with mushrooms, onions, and garlic. You can eat this meal the traditional way by rolling the [...]

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Volunteering in Latin America | Interview with Adam Pervez of Happiness Plunge

Orphanage in Atacames, Ecuador

Q1) What types of volunteer opportunities are available in Latin America? Everything you can imagine! You can volunteer with children, work on sustainable community development, build low-cost housing, become farmer, assist the elderly, teach English, build websites… The list is only limited to your imagination.   Q2) What sort of skills are they looking for [...]

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Silly Gangnam Style Dancing

Silly dancing to Gangnam Style

In this travel video we visit Pyeongtaek University and notice a group of Koreans dancing to Gangnam Style by Psy.  This song has literally taken the nation by storm (including the rest of the world) and you cannot escape it even if you try.  Whether it’s Gangnam style being blasted from a store promotion to [...]

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Quirky Korean Restaurants Signs

Korean pig inviting you in to the restaurant to eat

When you’ve stayed in a place long enough sometimes you forget the associated quirks and charms that were once fresh in your mind upon initially arriving.  This is certainly the case I have in terms of my relationship with Korea.  I’ve spent several years in Korea and it has now become more like my adopted [...]

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VIDEO: Favorite Korean Restaurant

Favorite Korean Restaurant travel video

In this travel video we visit our favorite Korean restaurant in my small neighborhood of Anseong, South Korea. The place is just a humble hole in the wall style of family restaurant in the basement of small commercial building. Located next to a Korean butcher shop and Korean grocery store we didn’t even know the [...]

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VIDEO: Sports along the Han River, Seoul, Korea

Sports along the Han River in Seoul, South Korea

In this travel video, Sam and Audrey spend the afternoon biking and inline skating along the Han River (한강). The Han flows across the city of Seoul, and is a popular place on weekends. You will notice people flying kites, families having picnics, couples renting swan boats to paddle downstream, and friends pitching up tents [...]

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More than just an airport

Gatwick Airport by flickr user wjarrettc

This is a guest post from one of our readers: Gatwick Airport may not at first sound like the most promising base for a family, but in fact there are a number of excellent attractions within easy reach. Here are five ways to have fun with the kids. Go back in time Edenbridge, around 12 [...]

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VIDEO: Shopping at a Korean Supermarket

Shopping at a Korean supermarket

In this travel video we visit a Korean Supermarket E-Mart 이마트 to go on a much needed shopping excursion as part of our life in Korea series. This particular E-Mart is located in Audrey’s area of Dongbaek, Yongin; however, one can find these kind of Korean department stores all over the country.  In this video [...]

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VIDEO: Pumpkin Porridge in Korea

Healthy and delicious Korean Pumpkin Porridge

In this video Sam and Audrey visit a traditional Korean porridge restaurant to fight off their colds. In this video we try Hobakjuk (호박죽), which is a porridge made of pumpkin and glutinous rice. Korean Juk (죽) is considered a staple “get well” dish, which is eaten when one is sick or recovering from bad [...]

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How To Take The Worst Ever Travel Photos | Anti Travel Photography Tips

Nomadic Samuel taking travel photos

In recent months, I’ve quite regularly been contributing select travel photography tips, as a self-taught travel photographer, in order to hopefully help you improve your travel photography.  I’ve covered topics such as changing your vantage point, taking candid portraits, ways to protect and share your travel photos and when you should upgrade your travel camera. [...]

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