10 Distinct German Traditions
Enjoying Slow Travel in Spreewald #JoinGermanTradition

5 Ways to keep in touch on the road

Keeping in touch on the road - how to stay connected with loved ones

One of the most formidable challenges of backpacking is staying in touch with loved ones you’ve left behind at home.  Going backpacking is truly a positive life changing experience for most, but finding ways to share your travels, experiences and life altering events with friends and family makes it even more meaningful.  Modern technology has made it possible […]

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Travelling in the Philippines | Interview with Flip Nomad

Traveling the Philippines - the pear of the orient

This interview is with top travel blogger Flip Nomad Q1) What are some of the most popular places to travel in the Philippines? A: The most popular destination as of now for both local and foreign tourists alike is Boracay. The island offers a wide shore of blinding white sand, crystal clear water and fresh […]

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Clubbing in Rio was like Cancer of the Ear

Clubbing in Rio

After a full day in Rochina I was pretty pooped to say the least. We’d been back at our hostel for an entire hour before Line, my Danish companion told me her friend was coming to pick us up to go clubbing. I was pretty apprehensive and told her I was going to stay in the hostel […]

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Street Scene | Old Dhaka, Bangladesh | Photo Essay

A Bangladeshi man hauls a large tube that extends well beyond the length of his body - Old Dhaka, Bangladesh.

I have to be brutally honest when I admit that I had very little preconceived expectations when I arrived in Bangladesh.  Outlining my plan to travel from Rajasthan to Kolkata it made logistical sense to finish my journey across the subcontinent in nearby neighboring Bangladesh: another stamp in my passport, another feather in my cap.  When I […]

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How To Improve Your Travel Blog & Get on The Top 100

Top 100 Travel Blogs

Over the weekend, I launched a new Top 100 Travel Blogs list that tracks and ranks travel blogs according to SEOmoz & Alexa indicators.  To be perfectly honest, I wasn’t sure how it would be received but the response was overwhelmingly positive.  I totally appreciate the support others have shown with the list and the […]

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10 Tips To Improve Your Travel Photography

10 Tips to improve your travel photography

As nothing more than an amateur photog, I’ve hardly got all (or even any) of the answers when it comes to improving one’s photography; however, as someone who has become more passionate about taking photos, I have over the years learned a few things along the way. It seems almost comical that just a few […]

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5 Things To Consider Before Going Backpacking Around The World

The over-mounting excitement one typically feels before heading off on an around the world backpacking adventure is hard to fully describe in words.  The delayed gratification it takes to save for a trip, pre-planning and waiting all add to the adrenaline rush of when things finally come come together in the end.  Although major issues such as […]

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Las Fallas: March’s Biggest Party is Just Days Away

Las Fallas is the biggest party in the world where Valencia becomes one gigantic celebration, with fireworks, street dancing & a parade.

March is approaching fast, and serious hedonists have already booked their flights to Alicante months in advance. They know that the end of February heralds one thing: the biggest party in the world, Las Fallas, is about to begin. For the first nineteen days of March each year Valencia becomes one gigantic celebration, with fireworks, dancing […]

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Petronas Towers at Night | Photo Essay

The Petronas Towers at night - photo essay from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

When I first set my virgin eyes upon the Petronas Towers, as a novice backpacker way back in 2008, I was quite simply blown away. I had never seen anything so astonishing in my entire life. Having spent time in major Asian Alpha cities such as Seoul, Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong and Shanghai I had […]

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The Travel Life of a Flight Attendant Based Overseas | Interview

I’ve recently been doing a series of interviews/articles where I’ve been asking experts in various fields to offer some insight into what it is like to be pursuing their chosen career abroad.  Interviews/articles have covered topics such as Teaching English in China, Teaching English in Taiwan, working overseas in a variety of professions and becoming […]

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