5 Things that surprised me about Las Vegas
Thoughts on going back to school after traveling

Petronas Towers at Night | Photo Essay

The Petronas Towers at night - photo essay from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

When I first set my virgin eyes upon the Petronas Towers, as a novice backpacker way back in 2008, I was quite simply blown away. I had never seen anything so astonishing in my entire life. Having spent time in major Asian Alpha cities such as Seoul, Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong and Shanghai I had […]

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The Travel Life of a Flight Attendant Based Overseas | Interview

I’ve recently been doing a series of interviews/articles where I’ve been asking experts in various fields to offer some insight into what it is like to be pursuing their chosen career abroad.  Interviews/articles have covered topics such as Teaching English in China, Teaching English in Taiwan, working overseas in a variety of professions and becoming […]

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A Quirky Guide To Florida

Florida driving license - sunshine state

If you’ve been to Florida holidays before, you’ve probably already sampled some of the state’s biggest attractions – Disney World, SeaWorld Orlando and the many amazing beaches and golf courses. For a return visit, you may want to head off the beaten track a bit, as Florida rewards the curious traveller with a myriad of surprising […]

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When Traveling the real ‘Good’ People never want your Money

Traveling Ted smiling faces travel photo

There is a scene in the movie Babel when the Brad Pitt character finally is able to secure a helicopter to airlift his injured wife to safety. His wife in the movie was accidentally shot on a bus by some children playing with a gun on a lonesome stretch of highway in Morocco. Before getting […]

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VIDEO: India Train Rides

Taking the train as a way of traveling around India in an epic way

This video showcases both normal and high speed footage from my train rides in India using Indian railways during my nearly three month backpacking trip all over India. As my preferred method of transportation, I took the train as often as I could while traveling in India; moreover, there were few journeys that I did […]

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Lima: The Gastronomic Capital of the Americas

ceviche, a selection of raw fish marinated in citrus juices (typically lemon and lime) and flavoured with chilli peppers and seasonings.

Throw a cocktail of cultures, a pinch of the Amazon and tastes of the Pacific Ocean into the cooking pot, leave to simmer for several centuries and the result is Peruvian cuisine. Gastronomy has played an important part in Peru’s rich history and recent years have seen a culinary revolution in the countries capital, with […]

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Chicago at Night | Photo Essay

http://nomadicsamuel.com/destinations/chicago-at-night-photo-essay : A view of Chicago at night showcasing the large down town buildings and reflection in the water.

Chicago is without a doubt my favourite city in North America.  I’m a die-hard sports fanatic of the Chicago Blackhawks and Chicago Cubs having grown up thoroughly brainwashed by my father. I had visited Chicago several times during my teenage years, but this was my first time to come back as an adult.  I was impressed […]

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Chiang Mai, Thailand | Interview with Never Ending Voyage

I’m delighted to be featuring an interview with Erin and Simon of the popular travel blog Never Ending Voyage.  They’re two digital nomads with extensive backpacking experiences all over the world.  They’re currently based in Chiang Mai, Thailand which happens to be a hotbed for digital nomads.  In this interview they discuss an assortment of […]

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Khao San Road at Night | Bangkok, Thailand

http://nomadicsamuel.com : A man sits down beside a fan to cool off alongside a graffiti ridden wall in a side alley just off of Khao San Road - Bangkok, Thailand.

The moment I step outside of the cozy confines of my Thai flop house I’m inundated by the flashing neon lights of a ritzy nightclub, overwhelmed by the exotic aromas dazzling my senses from nearby street stall vendors and dumbfounded by the madness of crowds passing by and animals scurrying about scrounging for scraps of […]

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Mayan Lesson: Coba, Mexico | Sonia’s Travels

Sonia Gil (aka Sonia

This is a guest post from the talented digital nomad Sonia Gil (known on her Youtube channel as Sonia’s Travels): I’m sure we’ve all heard the saying “appearances can be deceiving” and this statement definitely proves true while traveling. What separates a traveler from a tourist is the eagerness to learn from our surroundings and from […]

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