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Travel Blogs with an Edge

Travel Blogs with an Edge

If there is one thing I’ve learned in the last six months of being a part of the travel blogging community it’s that we’re quite a diverse lot.  Certain blogs focus on budget travel, others on inspiration/spirituality and some venture off into territories such as serious photography and adventure travel.  It’s what makes our community [...]

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Smiles of South Korea | Photo Essay

A smiling and warm hearted Korean man with his dog on the pedestrian street of Insadong - Seoul, South Korea.

The smiles series continues with my focus now shifted towards a country that I’ve spent more time abroad in than any other.  If you haven’t guessed it already, it’s South Korea – my home away from home.   My various jobs as an ESL instructor across the country have literally funded all of my backpacking [...]

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Funny, Crazy, Outrageous Travel Photos

Crazy, humorous, absurd, outrageous travel photos.

It’s around this time of season one often reflects upon events that have transpired over the course of the year – typically a time of contemplation, relaxation and gratitude.  It’s a time when wishes are spawned and plans are hatched for how to manifest thoughts/ideas into reality as the calendar turns yet another page.  It’s [...]

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Smiles of India | Photo Essay

The cutest group of Indian children came up to me and wanted to play a little in the pink city of Jaipur located in Rajasthan, India.

India’s official tourist slogan is ‘Incredible India.’ Although I agree that India is ‘incredible’ it is in my opinion more ‘indescribable’ than anything else. For those who don’t know, India is my favourite country I’ve ever visited as a backpacker. It’s incredible diversity was a full on assault to my senses. I know many other [...]

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8 Reasons To Love South Korea

The magnificent semi-tropical island of Jeju-do - South Korea

This is a guest post by top travel blogger Chris Walker-Bush of Aussie on the Road 8 Reasons I Love South Korea I think we all remember our first time with fondness. We look back at that first awkward kiss or that first game that turned us into a fan, and it brings a nostalgic smile [...]

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Travel Photography Tips | Interview with Gary Arndt of Everything Everywhere

Travel photography tips interview with Gary Arndt of Everything-Everywhere.com

It’s no secret that many of the top travel blogs feature incredible travel photos.  Gary Arndt of Everything Everywhere has been traveling continuously for years documenting his journeys on his superlatively popular travel blog.  He features high resolution travel photos (updated with a new one daily) from all over the world.  Additionally, he has a [...]

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Thai One On – My experience learning to make Thai food

Our group shot - Thai cooking course - with us all adorning aprons of the one size fits all variety.

So I took a cooking course. Initial sentiments likely revolve around whether of not an International Incident occurred, the kitchen burnt down or if anybody was carried out on a stretcher.   Sorry to disappoint, but none of the above occurred. In fact, the entire process of learning how to cook some of my favorite [...]

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Smiles of Bangladesh | Photo Essay

Some of my favourite photo essays that I’ve composed lately have been on the series I’ve done on the smiles of _________.  I’ve featured galleries on the Smiles of Thailand, Smiles of Laos,  Smiles of South America, Smiles of Vietnam, Smiles of Cambodia &  Smiles of China.  My attention now shifts towards Bangladesh – one of [...]

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Nomadic Samuel’s A-Z of Travel Misfortunes

Nomadic Samuel traveling A to Z

Thanks to the nomination from fine fellow travel bloggers Aussie On The Road & Man on the Lam I’ve decided to participate in the A-Z of travel. A: Age you made your first international trip I ended up travelling to the States (technically an international border) at a really young age but my first ‘real’ [...]

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Thanks A Million!

Nomadic Samuel Thanks a Million

Thanks a million! You often hear this expression tossed around in the non-literal sense; however, I’m saying it today literally. I want to thank all of my readers on Nomadic Samuel, my photo sub-domain and my youtube channel for the combined 1,144,106 views I’ve received on my travel related materials this year. I’ve been blown [...]

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