Thoughts on going back to school after traveling

When should you upgrade your travel camera? Why I upgraded mine! :  A travel gallery from Nomadic Samuel Jeffery

When should I upgrade my travel camera?  This is a question many of us ponder. With camera manufacturing companies constantly coming out with new and updated versions of models -with increasingly shortened life cycle periods – it’s enough to make anyone’s head spin. Do I need a camera with more mega-pixels? Should I get a faster […]

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How To Create A Successful Travel Blog In Your First Year Of Blogging

Nomadic Samuel travel blogging on top of Machu Picchu

When I first started my travel blog just over a year ago I knew that it was going to be successful.  It had to be.  Failure was never an option. A lot of people start travel blogging wondering ‘how’ they will be able to compete with some of the other top travel blogs who are […]

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VIDEO: Korean Hangover Soup

Eating Korean Hangover Soup for dinner in Yongin, Korea

In this travel video we (Audrey & Samuel) visit a Korean restaurant specializing in Korean hangover soup known locally as Haejangguk : 해장국 & 解酲국. Craving a thick hearty stew, we immediately realized it was time to visit one of Audrey’s favorite restaurants in her neighborhood; this place served up massive portions of Haejangguk, also […]

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VIDEO: Crazy Traffic in Saigon

Crazy, chaotic and hectic traffic in Saigon, Vietnam travel video

This is a video showing what the crazy, chaotic and hectic – yet functional – traffic is like (including crossing cross the street) in sprawling Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam. I’ve set foot in many of the biggest cities in Asia including Seoul, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur; however, I’ve […]

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VIDEO: Street Scenes in Old Dhaka

Street scenes in the bustling quarters of Old Dhaka, Bangladesh

This is a travel video of random street scenes that I encountered while visiting Old Dhaka, Bangladesh including Bangladeshi food, culture, people and rickshaws. In the video above you will notice many random events including interactions with locals, sports such as badminton, parading, labour and other events. Heading to Bangladesh for the first time, I […]

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Ways To Protect and Share Your Travel Photos

Sharing your travel photos by flickr user indi

I’ve heard many say they would rather have their camera stolen than have their precious travel photos erased permanently.  In order to prevent this from happening there are a number of methods to back-up, store and showcase your amazing shots.  It’s one thing to just have your photos backed up on-line or on a portable hard-drive, […]

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Faces of Insadong – Seoul, South Korea

A lovely smiling Korean couple wander down Insadong with coffees in hand - Seoul, South Korea.

If all roads in Korea lead to Seoul, few roads in Seoul can compare with the bustling hive that is known as Insadong.  Insadong is known as ‘the traditional’ street in Seoul where Koreans and foreigners converge on mass to sample a slice of traditional Korean music, performances, culture, street food, antiques, arts, crafts, restaurants […]

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Travel & Sex

Let’s face it, sex is part of travel. Whether it’s busy parents, trying to forget soiled nappies and trying to rekindle that lost passion, or travelers seeking adventure and new kicks, or even backpackers searching for a thrill they can tell their mates about, it is part and parcel of the experience of being abroad. […]

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