Barbecue Meat in Montevideo, Uruguay

A Uruguayan cook barbecues an assortment of different meats on a large open grill - Montevideo, Uruguay.  Travel photo from Montevideo, Uruguay.

The alluring smells of meat being grilled is one of the most distinct memories I have during my time in the capital city Montevideo, Uruguay. The various kinds of meats on the grill varied between large sausages, steak and everything in between. Whenever, I’m visiting a new country I especially love to try different kinds of street food. In particular, barbecue is one of my favorites as it remind me of summers back in Canada as a youth. This particular travel photo is of a Uruguayan cook barbecuing an assortment of different kinds of meat on a large open grill. This is a travel photo from Montevideo, Uruguay. To view the rest of my travel gallery from Montevideo, Uruguay click on the photo.


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