Biryani Rice for lunch in Penang, Malaysia

Delicious biryani rice for lunch - George Town, Malaysia.  This is a travel photo from Penang, Malaysia.

This is a travel photo of some wonderfully colourful, exotic and equally delicious biryani rice that I ate for lunch in George Town, Penang,  Malaysia.  This particular Indian restaurant, Restoran Kapitan, is one of my favorites in all of Asia  One of the things I enjoyed most about travelling in Penang was the diverse selection of cuisine I could try around every other corner.  With a splendid array of Indian, Malaysian, Chinese and Malay dishes I was never left feeling bored.  Food is certainly an important consideration when I’m backpacking and it is certainly one of the reasons why I love Malaysia and consider it an under-rated place to travel.  This is a travel photo from George Town, Penang, Malaysia.  To view more of my gallery from this wonderful city click on the exotic looking yellow rice.


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