Cute Boys I met in Old Dhaka, Bangladesh

A couple of cute Bangladeshi boys greeted me on the streets of Old Dhaka, Bangladesh.  This is a travel photo from Old Dhaka, Bangladesh.

In many ways this travel photo of these two cute boys – making silly faces and posing for the camera – is symbolic of my entire experience in Old Dhaka, Bangladesh.  The boy the right is sticking out his tongue in way that reminded me of a girl I encountered while visiting the Temples of Angkor who made a very similar cheeky gesture.  After spending a great deal of time traveling in India, I found Bangladesh awfully refreshing in terms of my interaction with locals.  I can’t think of a single encounter that I made with a Bangladeshi on the street, where I was being sweet talked into buying something.  All of my interactions were marked by inquisitive faces who were genuinely interested in what I was doing in their country; a nation seldom visited by backpackers.   I’m certainly itching to get back to Bangladesh.  If all goes well I’ll be returning later on in the year with my girlfriend Audrey (who has never been before).  This is a travel photo from Old Dhaka, Bangladesh.  To view the rest of my gallery from Dhaka, Bangladesh hover your mouse over the cute faces and click.

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