Butterfly perched on a railing at Iguazu Falls, Argentina

A butterfly on a wooden pole - Iguazu Falls, Argentina.  To view my travel gallery from South America Edits click on the photo.

Iguazu Falls is one of the most imposing feats of nature I’ve ever witnessed. In between the spectacular falls are many walkways and ramps that lead through various sections of wilderness. While I was strolling down one particular path I noticed a butterfly perched against this wooden pole. Without trying to disturb it I fired away an exposure with my telephoto lens on my Sony dSLR. The result is a close-up shot of it. Butterflies and other fast moving insects/creatures are more tricky subjects to capture. For photographers, having a lens that extends beyond the normal telephoto range is necessary for this type of situation. Moreover, a dedicated macro lens is even better. In terms of post-processing I’ve isolated the colours around butterfly by desaturating everything. This technique is a great way to isolate a subject to make it stand out more. To view the rest of my travel gallery from South America edits click on the photo.


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