Cooking a Chapati during a Camel Safari in India

Cooking over an open camp fire to make a chapati for lunch.  Travel photo from the Thar desert camel safari tour in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan - India.

After a long stretch of riding camels, my guide (the camel driver) & his nephew stop to prepare a simple lunch using nothing more than fire to make our food. Water and certain other ingredients (including flour) are mixed together to make ball that will eventually be formed into a chapati. The simplicity of meals and watching the preparation and care of the camel driver to provide a nutritious lunch is not lost upon me as I sit patiently watching it all unfold. Eventually we eat a delicious meal using the chapati to sop up the curry and vegetables. Feeling satiated I relax and read a book for a short time as they clean up and we prepare to move on further for the day across the Thar desert in northern Rajasthan during our incredible safari. This is a travel photo from the Thar Desert (Camel Safari) of Northern Rajasthan – mere kilometres outside of Jaisalmer, India.

For the photographer, taking shots of details (such as close up shots of food) provides insight into the area and culture. I could have taken a shot of the man preparing the chapati but instead I focussed in on the fire. When composing shots for a photo essay, consider taking diverse shots that include minute details.

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