Couple Kissing at a central square in Quito, Ecuador

A couple passionately kisses in the middle of a square - Quito, Ecuador.  Snogging and the embrace of two lovers in Quito, Ecuador.

As I walk along the side walk searching for more graffiti I can’t help but notice a young Ecuadorian couple snogging in the middle of the square. I twist around stealthily to fire off an exposure while they continue to embrace passionately kissing, fondling and enjoying the moment without a care in the world. Intimate displays of affectionate are part of the culture of this region and differ from most of Asia where public modesty and reservation are the norm. Ā This isn’t my first photo of a kiss that I’ve taken. To view the rest of my travel gallery from Quito, Ecuador click on the photo.

For the photographer taking shots of people is often something many shy away from. In cases where an individual doesn’t appear to be busy it’s always best to go up and ask permission to take a photo However, in a case such as this I feel it would be more rude to interrupt what is going on. Instead, I exercise caution by not standing close to the couple and I use the capabilities of my telephoto zoom lens to capture the moment in a non-intrusive manner.


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