Cute Girl smiling and making a face in Shanghai, China

An excited little girl poses for the camera - Shanghai, China.  A travel photo near the Bund - Shanghai, China.

Wandering around the Bund area of Shanghai was one of the highlights of my entire time in the city.  Chinese and foreign tourist alike come out and stroll around this area at all times of the day.  This particular girl was excited to have her photo taken which you can see clearly on her face.  She looks cute in between a pose she was striking in this candid moment.  This is a travel photo from the Bund – Shanghai, China.  To view the rest of my gallery from Shanghai, China click on the photo.

As a travel photography tip, when you’re taking shots of people don’t always wait for the perfect pose.  Sometimes the best shots are candid ones in which the subject is not conscious or aware they are having their photo taken.  One is much more likely to get a natural expression under these circumstances.

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