Dog Turning its head in Iruya, Argentina

A dog twisting and turning around - Iruya, Argentina.  This is a travel photo from Iruya, Argentina.

Wandering around in the frontier town of Iruya, Argentina it is very common to see dogs and cats on the street. This particular dog was twisting and turning around when I snapped a photo of it.  Overall, my experience traveling to this particular town was immensely frustrating.  We were stranded for several days when severe weather caused the town to flood while certain sections of the road completed washed out. This is a travel photo from Iruya, Argentina. To view the rest of my travel gallery from Iruya, Argentina click on the photo.

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  • travelyn says:

    He looks a nice dog and relatively healthy, not all street dogs are healthy. Perhaps people in Argentine love their dogs. Some countries on the streets the dogs are unfed and mangy and I’m always wary of them. Nice photo.

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