A girl picking her nose in Quito, Ecuador

A cute Ecuadorian girl picking her nose - Quito, Ecuador.  This is a travel photo from Quito, Ecuador.

Today’s special feature photo is of a a cute Ecuadorian girl shoving her finger in her nose while picking rather exceedingly nearby a local market in Quito, Ecuador.  This is hardly the first kind of candid outrageous type of travel photo I’ve taken while on the road.  In fact, not long ago I captured a Chinese man picking his nose while wandering nearby my hostel in Shanghai, China.  In order to capture candid portraits and action, I come prepared with a telephoto lens while shooting with my aperture wide open; sometimes, I’ll boost my ISO to capture sharper photos.  It’s not easy taking these kinds of photos because you really have to develop an eye for attention to detail.  It’s a skill I’ve been trying to perfect over the years as I focus more and more on street photography than other genre.  This is a travel image from Quito, Ecuador.  To view more pictures from my time spent in Quito click on the girl digging gold above 😉


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