Ground Perspective at El Tatio Geyser in Chile

A photo of the ground near the El Tatio geysers- San Pedro de Atacama, Chile.  To view my travel gallery from San Pedro de Atacama, Chile click on the photo.

For those travellers staying in San Pedro de Atacama a trip to the El Tatio geysers that are less than a hundred kilometres away tends to be a high priority. The geysers themselves are certainly impressive although it can be particularly frigid in the morning wear several layers of clothing that can be pealed off over time is highly suggested. This particular travel photo is from the ground perspective and doesn’t include the geysers. One mistake a lot of photographers make is not paying attention to the details. Sometimes it’s close-up shots or things such as what is happening at the ground level that provides an interesting perspective. Additionally, don’t be afraid to contort or twist your camera around away from the typical landscape and portrait orientations. This particular photo of the ground was taken at angle.

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