Korean Student | Daejeon, South Korea | Travel Photo

An elementary Korean student when I was an EPIK teacher in Daejeon, South Korea.

This is one of my favourite travel images that I snapped of an elementary Korean student smiling when I was an EPIK teacher in Daejeon, South Korea. This particular boy was one of my favourite Korean students that I taught several years ago. I remember his radiant smiles and positive attitude in class. When you’re teaching students like him it’s a joy to teach English overseas as your job.  This is a travel photo from Daejeon, South Korea.  To view more travel images from this gallery click on the happy Korean boy.


  • Aww, such a cutie! Now I’m looking forward to going back to Korea even more – hopefully my new students will be just as much fun as my old ones. I’ll be in Daejeon, too. Who knows, maybe this little guy will go to my hagwon?

  • Miss L. says:

    Hi! Did you enjoy your time in Daejeon? Is it a fun city? I’ll be teaching there next year, any information you have about your experience, pros/cons about Daejeon is appreciated. Thank you!

    • It’s honestly a great city to be based in. It’s big enough to provide enough entertainment and it’s close proximity to Seoul and position on the KTX allows you to easily travel to other destinations in Korea.

  • I’ve always wanted to teach overseas! Did you love it? This little guy looks happy – he seems to have enjoyed being your student. 😉


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