Longan Juice | Melaka, Malaysia | Travel Photo

Nothing beats the hot & humidity of typical day in Malaysia better than a refreshing locally produced cup of longan juice - Melaka, Malaysia.  Travel photo from Melacca, Malaysia.

Nothing beats the heat & humidity of typical sweltering day in Malaysia more adequately than a refreshing locally produced cup of iced longan juice – Melaka, Malaysia.  The best part about this juice is that it is cheap and by eating locally it’s great for saving money for travel.  I remember drinking cup after cup of this wonderfully refreshing delight.  Although Malaysia is one of my favourite countries, I did find the heat and humidty challenging at times; however, with local treats like Longan Juice I was able to quench my thirst when I started to feel dehyrdated.  This is a travel photo from Melacca, Malaysia. To view the rest of my gallery from Melaka (Melacca), Malaysia click on the refreshing longan juice 😛


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