Making Curry Paste at a Thai Cooking School in Chiang Mai, Thailand

At a Thai cooking school pounding a fresh curry with a pestle and mortar in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  Travel photo from Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Thai food is world renowned as being some of the finest cuisine in all of Asia. In fact, I know many friends have rated it as their favourite food. When I had the opportunity to take a cooking course in Chiang Mai, Thailand I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. In this particular photo we were making a fresh curry paste by pounding various ingredients with a pestle and mortar. The Thai host was very gracious and patient as we thumbed our way through the various procedures. The end result was a delicious meal. This is a travel photo from my experience at a Thai cooking course. To view the rest of my travel gallery from my Thai cooking course in click on the photo.

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