Murugan Statue standing tall at the Batu Caves, Malaysia

The enormous Murugan statue outside of the Batu Caves, Malaysia.  To view the rest of my travel gallery from Batu Caves, Malaysia click on the photo.

This is a travel photo of the enormous Murugan statue towers mightily as if to protect its surroundings just outside of the Batu Caves, Malaysia located not far from Kuala Lumpur.  Visiting the Batu Caves was one of my favourite excursions while traveling in Kuala Lumpur.  I was able to arrive taking a local bus and before I explore the caves I treated myself to a delicious Indian Thali.  The caves can at times be packed but if you stick around long enough you may have certain sections to yourself.  I remember firing away exposures and collecting a lot of travel photos from this popular tourist attraction in Malaysia.  This is a travel photo from the Batu Caves, Malaysia.  To view the rest of my images from the Batu Caves, Malaysia click on phenomenal Murugan!


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