Old Government House located in Fredericton, Canada

The residence of the Lieutenant Governor of New Brunswick (Old Government House) located on Woodstock road along the Saint John River - Fredericton, New Brunswick; Canada.

A stroll down the pedestrian trail alongside the Saint John River on the south-side of Fredericton is often a peaceful and scenic retreat. As fall is quickly turning into winter the temperature has dropped accompanied by frigid temperatures and fallen leaves. The imposing Old Government House looms large. The official residence of the Lieutenant Governor General of New Brunswick is one of the highlights of this journey. The house was erected on 1826, designed by James Woolford encompassing Georgian and Adams influences. The estate is owned by the Queen in Right of New Brunswick. It is where the Royal Family and other foreign dignitaries often stay when in Fredericton. Furthermore, it is open to the public and is often the central location for events such as Canada Day and New Brunswick Day. To view the rest of my travel gallery from Fredericton (New Brunswick), Canada click on the photo.

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