Palak Paneer

This is a travel photo of a delectable dish of creamy Palak Paneer, consisting of spinach & cheese cubes, at an Indian restaurant in Amritsar, India

This is a travel photo of a delectable dish of creamy Palak Paneer, consisting of spinach & cheese cubes, at an Indian restaurant in Amritsar, India. I love a lot of different Indian curries; however, if I was backed into a corner and had to select just one, I very well may choose Palak Paneer as my favorite. For those who have never tried it, Palak Paneer is a very rich and thick curry sauce based on pureed spinach. When you put a spoonful in your mouth you can taste its rich quality immediately. It’s something that goes great with Naan or Chapatis. As one of my favorite foods, I ate it quite often while backpacking in India. This is a travel image from Amritsar, India. To view more photos from my Amritsar gallery click on the delicious green curry above.


  • Ahhhh this is one of my favourites! I was lucky enough to be taught how to cook it by my friends mother while I was there as well. Think I might make one sometime this week 🙂

  • I so much love this delicious, mouth watering and yet simple dish made with spinach and home made fresh cheese (Paneer), which can be just fried, roasted (I dry fry it) , spiced up. The dish can be made a bit creamy with the whey of the fresh cheese or Ghee or cream. When eating out Desi Food, as South Asians call it has become easier and yet more difficult with time.
    – Easier: available everyhwere, usually a good bet for your Money and Hygiene because usually the Curries contain fully cooked stuff, not something raw or semi raw, esp. the North Indian variety. Kids: Give them filled Naan, you can also get non spicy Paneer (Cheese) Naan and for the time being, they are nutritious enough. Or a glass of Mango lassi – ohhhh yummmmy!! (courtesy my niece, who can spend an hour over her breakfast of 1 French toast – eat or not to eat 😉
    – Difficult: Fatty, esp. if something is deep-fried. You can of course avoid it in your choice of Food. However some vegs are also pre-fried e.g. Aubergines are known to be slightly bitter, is salted and rinsed, and fried they will turn out delicious. The bitter gourds, over which South Asiens, can be quite divided on: we women usually love them, but problem is, they need to be fried and salted (see above). However their health benefits may outweigh their bitterness esp. Anti-diabetic bet may bring them on a plate more often :)! Another problem are the bottled or tinned pre finished Curry sauces, which have found their way into the some “we do all kinds oif kitchen rastaurants serving from Pizza to South East Asian Food just about anything). Tthey are full of fat and dont taste good. I’d prefer to go for a daal or spinach/Aubergine based veggie with Paneer for the fresher variety and no fuss cooking (or less=) esp. since spinach you get frozen!

    Okay, all of this Information may or may not be interresting to you, but the spinach paneer is a good bet and delicious, no fuss Food :)! Sorry for all the typos, I am just beating my way around Windows 8

  • On A Junket says:

    that just has me salivating. I’ll be booking my ticket to India…or at least going to an Indian rest. tomorrow.

  • I love this dish. This photo makes me want to eat it soo much.

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