Shave on the Street in Old Delhi, India

Indian man stopping for a street shave near the Jama Masjid - Old Delhi, India.  This is a travel photo from Old Delhi, India.

While wandering around randomly nearby the Jama Masjid mosque I spotted an Indian man hunkered down on the curb stopping for a street shave in Old Delhi, India.  Street side barbers, masseuses and even dentists are a part of life on the streets in India.  Although, I’ve never personally had my haircut or received a shave on the curbside in India, I have had my travel sandals repaired by talented hands.  When eating, shopping or having another service provided in India, bargaining is the name of the game.  I remember once while having my shoe repaired that the young man wanted to charge me double – for each shoe.  I didn’t bite.  As a tourist it’s easy to cave and just pay the extra money; however, you’re doing yourself and your fellow travelers a disservice because it’ll only encourage this aggressive behavior.  This is a travel photo from Old Delhi, India.  If you’re interested in more street photos, pictures of mosques or other images from Delhi be sure to click on the man getting a shave.

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