Silhouette Sunset at Lake Titicaca, Bolivia | Travel Photo : Daily travel photo of Nomadic Samuel rendered as a silhouette during a gorgeous sunset in Copacabana - Lake Titicaca, Bolivia.

The daily travel photo is a shot of me today ūüėõ ¬†I’m taking a photo of the gorgeous sunset high atop a hill in Copabacana – Lake Titicaca, Bolivia. ¬†Along together with a backpacking friend, we climbed up this somewhat¬†treacherous¬†hill in order to have the best view of the sunset. ¬†As a general bit of travel photography advice , in order to get the best view, angle or vantage point you sometimes have to earn it in the way of effort. ¬†To get the results of a proper silhouette, it is recommended you play around with the exposure compensation button on your camera. ¬†All modern digital cameras have this – whether they’re a simple point and shoot or pro-sumer dSLR. ¬†Typically it is good to under-expose the shot in this instance. ¬†This is a daily travel photo from Copacabana – Lake Titicaca, Bolivia. ¬†To view the rest of my travel gallery from Copacabana – Lake Titicaca, Bolivia click on the photo.

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