Sleeping Dog with big ears in Agra, India

A dog closes its eyes and sleeps in broad daylight on the side of a busy street - Agra, India.  This is a travel photo of a dog from Agra, India.

Agra is often bustling with tourists and locals alike. As I wandered around a narrow path I could help but notice this dog that was sound asleep on the road. The sun beamed down on its face during the middle of the day but it was completely oblivious to all of the hectic activity around it. To view the rest of my travel gallery from Agra, India click on the photo.

For the photographer, taking a shot of a sleeping subject is quite a tricky endeavour. First, one must take precautions to be ‘quiet’ and ‘stealth’ to not disturb the subject. In this photo you will notice dogs head fills the frame. You will also notice a select focal point on its nose with a shallow depth of field in the surrounding areas.


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