Sleeping Driver with a cap pulled over his face in Penang, Malaysia

A rickshaw driver taking a rest on a hot afternoon - George Town (Penang), Malaysia.  To view my travel gallery from Penang click on the photo.

A Malaysian rickshaw driver takes a rest on a hot afternoon by dozing off while wearing a baseball cap over his face in George Town (Penang), Malaysia.  I’ve noticed a lot of sleeping rickshaw drivers while travelling in SE Asia.  In fact, I may soon decide to create a travel photo essay showcasing some of my favorite shots.  I honestly don’t know how these drivers put up with heat and humidity on a day to basis.  If I was doing this kind of work in Malaysia, I would surely be passed out nearly all of the time 😛  When not dosing off, asking a rickshaw driver to give you a tour is one of the best ways to experience Malaysia no matter what city you are based in.  This is a travel photo from George Town, Melaka, Malaysia.  To view the rest of travel gallery click on the sleepy man above but be sure not to wake him up 😛


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