Squirrel with nut | Fredericton, Canada | Travel Photo

A travel photo of a squirrel with a nut on perched on the branch of a tree - Fredericton, New Brunswick.  Travel photo from Fredericton, Canada.

I’ve never see as many squirrels in my entire life as I have in Fredericton, New Brunswick – Canada. They’re literally all over the place. You can notice them on side-walks, yards, trails and trees. This particular travel photo is of a squirrel holding a nut perched high atop the branch of a tree on brisk fall afternoon.  As a travel photographer, I like to always come prepared with my camera.  Although I was just going on a leisurely walk with my Mother, I was constantly on the look-out for opportunities to snap a shot of wildlife. This is a travel photo from Fredericton, New Brunswick – Canada. To view the rest of my travel gallery from Fredericton, New Brunswick – Canada click on the photo.

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