Street Vendor | Buenos Aires, Argentina | Travel Photo

Today's travel photo is of  a Porteño street vendor selling trinkets at the popular San Telmo Sunday market in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Today’s travel photo is of  a rather ornery looking Porteño street vendor selling trinkets at the ever popular San Telmo Sunday market located in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  To be perfectly honest this man was not very pleasant to be around.  This particular Sunday Market was a bustling hive of activity with both tourists and locals enjoying every moment of it.  I couldn’t help but notice the different attitudes of certain vendors and entertainers.  Although some were undeniably pleasant others were certainly not.  I can imagine the ones with a plucky positive attitude did a lot better than those with a less than stellar disposition.  This is a travel photo from Buenos Aires, Argentina.  To view the rest of my travel gallery from Buenos Aires, Argentina click on the photo.


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