Tteokbokki Korean Spicy Rice Cakes

Tteokbokki is a popular spicy Korean snack typically found on in street sold by outdoor vendors.  Travel photo from my Korean Food gallery.

Korean street food is a wonderful gormandizing experience for anybody visiting or living in Korea. With a wide variety of items ranging from sweet, savoury to spicy there is something for everybody. One of my favourite items is a spicy Korean snack called Tteokbokki (aka known as Ddeokbokki = 떡볶이) consisting of rice cakes and accompanying vegetables and battered items in a spicy red pepper paste sauce known as Gochujang. It typically costs around 2000 Won (slightly less than $2 USD) and is something I eat several times a month when I’m living in Korea. This is a travel photo from my Korean Food gallery. To view the rest of my photos from my Korean Food Gallery click on the photo.


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