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Nomadic Samuel taking travel photos

In recent months, I’ve quite regularly been contributing select travel photography tips, as a self-taught travel photographer, in order to hopefully help you improve your travel photography.  I’ve covered topics such as changing your vantage point, taking candid portraits, ways to protect and share your travel photos and when you should upgrade your travel camera.

Nomadic Samuel taking a video at Machu Picchu

It should not be shocking for you to expect another gem of a post outlining ways to improve this and that related to taking better travel photos; however, you’ll get none of that here.  Instead what I’ve decided to do is tell you how to take the worst travel photos possible.

That’s right!  Want to take photos that will make your family, friends and followers cringe at all the time?


Here is the guide on how to do it ‘truly’ cringe worthy style:


1)  Take Shots Only Of You

  That’s right.  Make sure you’re in every single one of your photos.  Better yet, try to block any boring subject matter that may be behind you, such as the Eiffel Tower or Taj Mahal.  Those kinds of boring structures won’t stand alone well on their own.  Bonus points for always being in the centre of your pictures.  Double up by having objects growing out your head, such as trees.

2)  Never Edit Your Photos

You’re a genius behind the lens.  Why bother editing?  What a waste of time.  Send your photos straight from your camera onto your favourite platform such as facebook.  Earn bonus points for taking 15 straight shots of you making the exact same pose over and over again.

3)  Keep Your Camera Always Pointed At Chest Level

We all know that the camera was meant to be held at chest level.  Why bother leaning down to get a unique vantage point.  Just keep your camera at chest level and receive plenty of bonus points by firing away.

4)  Use Special Effects Image Enhancements All Of The Time

Who needs to take a proper exposure these days?  With tilt shift, HDR & instragram, it’s a waste of time shooting normally.  Who cares if your HDR photos are as cheesy and potentially greasy as an 80’s mullet?  It’s what all the cool kids are doing and it’s what you should be doing as well.

5)  Stand Up Straight; Don’t Lean Over

Why even bother bending down, hiking up to get a unique vantage point or pointing the camera above your head for an overhead perspective?  Just stand straight up because it’s comfortable and you might split your swanky hipster pants open otherwise.

6)    Don’t Delete Any Of Your Photos

The advancements of digital photography mean you’re now free to take as many shots as you’d like without wasting rolls upon rolls of film, so why not go hog wild?  Take as many shots as you possibly can, bonus points for repetitive ones, and show them to all your friends.  Because after-all, they’re waiting impatiently for you to entertain them for hours on end.

7)  Always Shoot in Auto

This is my favourite!  Why bother learning about exposure, ISO, shutter speed or aperture when you’ve got Auto to play around with?  Cameras are designed to take good photos.  It’s not you taking the photos it’s your camera.  Trust in your camera and it will never let you down.

I guarantee if you master all 7 of these you’ll be well on your way to taking the worst travel photos ever!  GUARANTEED! 😛

Nomadic Samuel taking some more travel pics


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