Ways To Protect and Share Your Travel Photos

I’ve heard many say they would rather have their camera stolen than have their precious travel photos erased permanently.  In order to prevent this from happening there are a number of methods to back-up, store and showcase your amazing shots.  It’s one thing to just have your photos backed up on-line or on a portable hard-drive, but it’s also worth considering ways in which you can share your photos in a more engaging way than just clicking through photo viewing software on your computer.  The following are some suggestions worth considering:

On-Line Storage

Protecting your travel photos on-line is essential.  You can have your photos backed up on as many hard-drives as possible but what if there is a fire in your house or one, two or three of the drives malfunctions?  It may sound like a bit of a pipe-dream but I personally know people who have been diligent backpacking up their photos that have lost everything through a series of unfortunate events.  I personally recommend using Smug Mug.  Both companies offer unlimited storage capacity and also have excellent features that allows you to show and share your photos with others on popular social media platforms and websites.

Portable Hard Drive

Although I mentioned above that hard drives are not a fool proof solution, they still should be considered as part of your strategy to protect your photos – especially when you are on the road.  Computer hard drives fail easily, so having a portable hard drive to back-up all of your photos is an absolute must.  Even for those with on-line storage solutions, there will be times when internet access is terribly slow or not available.  In these cases it’s important to back-up your photos with your portable hard-drive.  As a bonus tip, keep your portable hard-drive in a separate location from your computer just in case that is stolen.

Prints and Posters

Nothing showcases a photo better than an enlarged print or poster.  Services such as UPrinting poster printing allow you to create massive posters with a number of custom features.  Some of these features include whether the poster is standard or custom, the size (ranging from 16 x 20 to 27 x 40 inches), print turnaround and pricing with associated discount.  Family sized photos just aren’t going to cut it when you want to show your very best work.  You can consider to proudly display your posters on your wall, office or billboard. You could also add wall clings for a nice touch.

Youtube Slideshows

Finally consider showing your amazing travel photos with a much larger audience than just family and friends.  I’ve personally been showcasing my photography on my youtube travel channel for years.  Some of my travel photo slideshow videos have received over one thousand views.  They’re easy to make and upload using free software, such as Windows Live Movie Maker.  Click on the video above to see one of my most recent slideshows related to the Boryeong Mud Festival.



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