Long Dong Taiwan Sunset

Taiwan will always hold a special place in our hearts. It’s a place where the locals go out of their way to display enormous amounts of kindness to each and every foreigner they pass. It’s an island with chaotic night markets, sensational food, and garbage trucks that play Beethoven. It’s a location with some of […]


Matt Gibson paddling a boat in Taiwan

In this interview, one of my best friends in the travel blogging world, Matt Gibson, takes time out of his busy schedule to answer some questions regarding adventure travel in Taiwan.  I’m sure his answers will inspire you to visit Formosa for an adventure of your own! Q1) What are some adventure sports activities one could consider […]


This shot clearly depicts the sea of people that forms the pulse of the Shilin Night Market.

The smell of exotic putrid delicacies.  Unimaginable gridlock.  Neon flashing before my eyes.  I’m in my element. The Shilin Night Market located in Taipei, Taiwan is one of the most formidable markets I’ve ever visited in Asia.  Encompassing two distinct sections it is home to over 500 plus food stalls.  Aside from small eateries one […]



Today’s daily travel photo is of a Halloween pumpkin brightly illuminated and adorned with decorations at a stall in the Shilin Night Market located in Taipei, Taiwan. This particular bustling night market is the most fascinating I’ve ever visited. On a Friday or Saturday night it is just overflowing with people inching for space as […]

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Uniformed soldiers changing of the guard at Chiang Kai Shek Memorial - Taipei, Taiwan.  Travel photo from Taipei, Taiwan.

A major tourist attraction in Taipei, Taiwan is the Chiang Kai Shek Memorial. An impressive complex that was much larger than I expected featured uniformed soldiers performing a change of guard. The impressive coordinated changing of guard was something I couldn’t resists capturing with several photos.  Taiwan in many ways reminded me of life in […]


People enjoying some free samples of pickled fruits/vegetables at the Shilin Night Market - Taipei, Taiwan.  Travel photo from Taipei, Taiwan.

The Shilin Evening Market in Taipei, Taiwan is truly unlike any other I’ve witnessed before in my life in terms of scale, size and popularity. It just seems to go on for miles and with crowds that make you feel like a parade is about to happen. This particular photo is of some people enjoying […]


A rickshaw without a passenger seat / booth - Taipei, Taiwan.  Travel photo from Taipei, Taiwan.

One of the joys of random wandering while traveling is when you encounter a neighborhood with character. This travel photo is of a decommissioned rickshaw without a passenger seat / booth – Taipei, Taiwan.  Although I’ve never seen a rickshaw being used in Taipei I’ve certainly seen them in use in Thailand, India and other […]


Students in Taiwan

This is a guest post by the talented travel blogger Rhonda Mix. Why Teach English in Taiwan? One of the best places for teaching English overseas is the small but spectacular island-nation of Taiwan. For those of you who don’t know, and often confuse Taiwan with Thailand or some place in China, the country is […]


Ladies whispering about a guy cute sitting across from them on the subway - Taipei, Taiwan.

Ladies whispering about a guy cute sitting across from them on the subway in Taipei, Taiwan.  That cute guy in question was none other than me 😉  Just kidding.  Actually I have no idea what they were talking about; however, I’m almost certain it was fascinating.  Today’s travel photo is from Taipei, Taiwan; to view […]


A curious squirrel perching - Taipei Zoo, Taiwan.  This is a travel photo from Taipei, Taiwan.  To purchase this photo click on it or to view the rest of my gallery from Taipei, Taiwan click here.

Today’s feature wildlife photo from the Far East is of a curious squirrel with big eyes perching on a railing at the  Taipei Zoo located in Taipei, Taiwan.  The Taipei Zoo is one of the better zoos I’ve ever visited; the conditions for the animals is set at a much higher standard than in most […]