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Nomadic Matt's Travel Site is one of the top 100 Travel Blogs

Nomadic Matt’s Travel Site is one of the top 100 Travel Blogs

Nomadic Matt’s travel site is one of the most popular in the world.  Matt’s been travelling and blogging longer than most others; in fact, he’s one of the original travel bloggers out there.

His travel site features budget travel tips, destination reviews and personal stories.  His consistent efforts over the years has cemented his site as one of top travel blogs in the world.

Matt’s main goal with his site is to provide budget travel advice and tips that will allow his readers to travel on the cheap.

Hailing from Boston, Massachusetts he didn’t really start traveling abroad until his mid twenties.

Kepnes took a trip to Thailand in 2005 that changed his life and overall perspective on travel after meeting a group of backpackers leading a nomadic life.

A little know fact about Matt is that – prior to becoming successful with his travel blog -he worked as an ESL teacher in Asia.

In his early travel days, he extended his journeys in Asia by teaching English in Taiwan and in Thailand.

Once his blog started to take-off he was able to transition from teaching overseas to focusing entirely on being a digital nomad living a location Independence lifestyle.

One of the most useful features of his travel site is under his travel tips section.  Under this section you can find advice on how to find a cheap flight, buy a backpack or choose a travel credit card.

Another useful section for budget travellers include his country and city guides.  Arranged alphabetically, he provides up to date information on accommodations, transportation, cuisine and activities to consider on your trip.

With all his travel blog has to offer, it should come as no surprise that his travel blog is one of the most popular and influential resources for travel information for intrepid and independent travelers.

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