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Travels of Adam Top 100 Travel Blogs

Travels of Adam is a top-rated travel website & blog of featuring personal stories from around the world. The site receives over 50,000 page views per month from 100+ countries. Readers are modern, open-minded and socially responsible individuals with a very strong interest in travel and city destinations. Adam strives to find interesting and unique stories from around the world, whether political tours, art exhibits or destination guides. Topics on include the following:

  • ART, MUSIC DESIGN & PHOTOGRAPHY With a background in graphic design, Adam writes about museums, art galleries, exhibits and unusual architecture.
  • ALTERNATIVE THINGS TO DO Popular posts include alternative city guides with information on graffiti, interesting tours, local blogs and unique restaurants.
  • POLITICAL & SOCIAL ISSUES Travel isn’t just about visiting landscapes & famous tourist sites but also learning about the local political climate and culture.
  • GAY TRAVEL As a gay backpacker, Adam provides a unique and highly targeted perspective on LGBT issues in foreign countries and cities. You can also check out his other website dedicated specifically to gay travel.
  • HOTEL & ACCOMMODATION REVIEWS With a section devoted entirely to hotel and other accommodation reviews, Adam is able to provide honest feedback to readers on the most interesting places where to stay.
  • HIPSTER CITY GUIDES From each city destination visited, Adam publishes a destination guide including personal recommendations for nightlife, restaurants, cafes, tours and interesting things to do:

Travels of Adam is consistently ranked among the top 100 travel blogs by numerous online sources and is a featured source of information on the travel industry, specifically “hipster travel.” Advertising on, it’s possible to reach a highly commercial demographic. Readers consistently use the site as a source for useful & interesting travel information. Readers have been known to purchase tours, visit recommended travel websites & change travel itineraries based on recommendations published on this website.


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