Top 100 Travel Blogs | SEOmoz + Alexa Rankings | Volume I | February, 2012

This is the first ever edition of the top 100 travel blogs!  Data was collected in late February, 2012 for SEOmoz and Alexa indicators.

A few observations from this initial list have to do with the top 3 travel sites.  Everything Everywhere, Nomadic Matt and The Planet D are in a league of their own.  It’s like they’re Yoda, Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader in a lightsaber showdown.  You get to decide who is who 😛

When it comes to SEOmoz sites that have been around for while certainly have advantage.  This shouldn’t be a surprise since SEOmoz has a lot to do with the link profile of a site (quality and quantity of links) which are built over an extended period of time.  In terms of Alexa scores there are several sites really doing well and emerging fast.  It’s going to be interesting how this all plays out over the years with regards to the best travel sites.

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#Top 100 Travel BlogsScore
1Everything Everywhere395.5
2The Planet D391
3Nomadic Matt389.5
4Uncornered Market369.5
5Fluent in 3 months363
6Fox Nomad360.5
7Almost Fearless346.5
8Wandering Trader341.5
9Travel Dudes335
10y Travel Blog335
11Velvet Escape334
12Bacon is Magic319
13Legal Nomads316
14Go Backpacking315
15Wild Junket307
16Solo Traveler306.5
17Hole in the Donut Cultural Travel306
18My Itchy Travel Feet306
19The Amateur Traveler305
21Art of Backpacking301
22As We Travel300
23Chris Around The World296.5
24Beers and Beans287.5
25Delicious Baby287.5
26My Beautiful Adventures282.5
27The Indie Travel Podcast282.5
282 Backpackers280
29Inside The Travel Lab276
30Go See Write269.5
32Twenty Something Travel264
33Adventurous Kate259.5
34Otts World259.5
35Man on the Lam259
36Wandering Earl247.5
37The Travel Tart246.5
38Nomadic Samuel243
39A Little Adrift240.5
40Over Yonderlust238
41Fevered Mutterings232.5
42Camels & Chocolate223
43Brendan’s Adventures222
44Johnny Vagabond214.5
45The Professional Hobo204.5
46Traveling Canucks204.5
47A Dangerous Business202
48The Aussie Nomad194
49The Longest Way Home194
50Soul Travelers 3193.5
51Europe Up Close192.5
52501 Places192
53Nerdy Nomad188
54Heather on Her Travels187
55Travels of Adam185.5
56Runaway Juno184
57Pause the Moment182
58Mai Travel Site175
60Trans-Americas Journey167
61Never Ending Voyage162
62Hecktic Travels159.5
63Ordinary Traveler153.5
65The Travel Chica150.5
66The Road Forks150
67Stop Having a Boring Life141
68CC Food Travel140
69The Jungle Princess137
70Tourist 2 Townie134.5
71Travels with a Nine Year Old132.5
72Positive World Travel131
73Brooke Vs The World130
74Spunky Girl Monologues128
75Inspiring Travellers127
77The Expert Vagabond108.5
78Budget Travel Adventures108
79Runaway Jane108
80No Place To Be107
81Flip Nomad106
82Downtown Traveler104.5
83One Step 4Ward102.5
84Globetrotter Girls100.5
85Suzy Guese97
86Career Break Secrets93
87Bohemian Trails89
88Explore for a Year80.5
89Never Ending Footsteps80.5
90Travel with a Mate75
91Ken Kaminesky70.5
92No Vacation Required70.5
93Don’t Ever Look Back67
94D Travels ‘Round66.5
95Wild About Travel65.5
96Rocky Travel55.5
97Go Mexico Guide51
98Raising Miro51
99Phil in the Blank48
100Traveling Ted TV47.5

#Alexa Top 100ScorePoints
1Nomadic Samuel15768100
2The Planet D2141099
3Everything Everywhere2217198
4Nomadic Matt2312897
5yTravel Blog3170796
6Almost Fearless3470495
7Travel Dudes3605494
8Uncornered Market3796993
9Brendan’s Adventures3997292
10Hecktic Travels4257991
11Go See Write4317690
12Go Backpacking4471389
13Adventurous Kate4779588
14Fluent in 3 months4861587
15Bacon is Magic5128186
16Ordinary Traveler5324085
17Fox Nomad5548684
18The Travel Chica5679883
19Wild Junket5819382
20Trans-Americas Journey5850081
21Wandering Trader6072680
22Velvet Escape6098979
23Dangerous Business6210678
24Wandering Earl6247477
252 Backpackers6287576
26Twenty Something Travel6305075
27Chris Around The World6307074
28Art of Backpacking6309073
29Traveling Canucks6344472
30Runaway Juno6382771
31Bohemian Trails6442370
32Hole in the Donut6460169
33Never Ending Footsteps6584568
34Never Ending Voyage6674567
35Inspiring Travellers6835466
36Johnny Vagabond6962365
38Otts World7149563
39Man on the Lam7374162
40Beers and Beans7438561
41Globetrotter Girls7447260
42Inside The Travel Lab7973159
43Over Yonderlust8104358
44Nerdy Nomad8159557
45My Beautiful Adventures8232656
46As We Travel8395655
47Legal Nomads8523654
48My Itchy Travel Feet8965853
49Solo Traveler9176052
50Expert Vagabond9344151
51Travels with a Nine Year Old9524050
52Pause the Moment9627249
54A Little Adrift9736147
55No Place To Be9839146
56No Vacation Required9910145
57The Jungle Princess10069744
59The Adventures of D10450342
60Camels & Chocolate10531641
61The Travel Tart10644240
62Runaway Jane10991039
63Budget Travel Adventures11203038
64Fevered Mutterings11263437
65Rocky Travel11295136
66Tourist 2 Townie11317035
67The Aussie Nomad11449034
68The Amateur Traveler11542633
69Positive World Travel11651132
70Travel with a Mate11725931
71The Road Forks11741030
72Mai Travel Site11785729
73Brooke Vs The World11882528
74Raising Miro11960927
75Go Mexico Guide11995926
76Explore for a Year12071225
77Europe Up Close12236924
78Don’t Ever Look Back12385323
79The Indie Travel Podcast12587222
80Wild About Travel12800521
81Suzy Guese13092620
82Stop Having a Boring Life13098719
83Travels of Adam13161418
84Career Break Secrets13227517
85Downtown Traveler13426216
86Cumi & Ciki13685215
87Delicious Baby13766214
88Spunky Girl Monologues14103213
89Heather on Her Travels14107512
90The Longest Way Home14136411
92Ken Kaminesky1426889
94Phil in the Blank1485157
95501 Places1489336
96Flip Nomad1686675
97Traveling Ted TV1708884
98The Professional Hobo1754293
99Soul Travelers 31814952
100One Step 4Ward1855471

#Page Authority Top 100ScorePoints
1Everything Everywhere7399.5
2Nomadic Matt7399.5
3The Planet D7098
4Fluent in 3 months6695.5
5My Itchy Travel Feet6695.5
6The Amateur Traveler6695.5
7Delicious Baby6695.5
8Uncornered Market6592.5
9Fox Nomad6592.5
10Almost Fearless6490
11Velvet Escape6490
12The Indie Travel Podcast6490
13Wandering Trader6387.5
14Legal Nomads6387.5
16yTravel Blog6182
17Go Backpacking6182
18Bacon is Magic6182
19Wild Junket6182
20Hole in the Donut6182
21As We Travel6182
22Solo Traveler6182
23Travel Dudes6075.5
24Chris Around The World6075.5
25Art of Backpacking6075.5
26Beers and Beans6075.5
28The Professional Hobo6075.5
29Go See Write5969.5
302 Backpackers5969.5
31Twenty Something Travel5969.5
32Otts World5969.5
33My Beautiful Adventures5969.5
34Soul Travelers 35969.5
35Johnny Vagabond5863.5
36Inside The Travel Lab5863.5
37A Little Adrift5863.5
38Europe Up Close5863.5
39Heather on Her Travels5863.5
40501 Places5863.5
41Brendan’s Adventures5757
42Adventurous Kate5757
43Wandering Earl5757
44Traveling Canucks5757
45Camels & Chocolate5757
46The Travel Tart5757
47Travels of Adam5757
48Nomadic Samuel5648
49Dangerous Business5648
50Over Yonderlust5648
51Nerdy Nomad5648
52Fevered Mutterings5648
53The Aussie Nomad5648
54The Road Forks5648
55Mai Travel Site5648
56The Longest Way Home5648
58Flip Nomad5648
60The Jungle Princess5540
61Brooke Vs The World5540
62Cumi & Ciki5540
63Spunky Girl Monologues5540
64Ordinary Traveler5433
65Runaway Juno5433
66Never Ending Voyage5433
67Inspiring Travellers5433
68Man on the Lam5433
69Pause the Moment5433
70Budget Travel Adventures5433
71Suzy Guese5433
72Hecktic Travels5326.5
73The Travel Chica5326.5
74Tourist 2 Townie5326.5
75Downtown Traveler5326.5
77One Step 4Ward5326.5
78Expert Vagabond5220.5
79Travels with a Nine Year Old5220.5
80No Place To Be5220.5
81Runaway Jane5220.5
82Career Break Secrets5220.5
83Ken Kaminesky5220.5
84Positive World Travel5115
85Explore for a Year5115
86Don’t Ever Look Back5115
87Stop Having a Boring Life5115
88Phil in the Blank5115
89Trans-Americas Journey5011
90Rocky Travel5011
91Traveling Ted TV5011
92Bohemian Trails495.5
93Globetrotter Girls495.5
94No Vacation Required495.5
95The Adventures of D495.5
96Travel with a Mate495.5
97Raising Miro495.5
98Go Mexico Guide495.5
99Wild About Travel495.5
100Never Ending Footsteps481

#Domain Authority Top 100ScorePoints
1Everything Everywhere68100
2Nomadic Matt6799
3The Planet D6498
4Fox Nomad6096
5My Itchy Travel Feet6096
6Delicious Baby6096
7Fluent in 3 months5993.5
8The Amateur Traveler5993.5
9Uncornered Market5892
10Almost Fearless5789.5
11Go Backpacking5789.5
12Wandering Trader5789.5
13The Indie Travel Podcast5789.5
14Velvet Escape5686.5
15Soul Travelers 35686.5
17Legal Nomads5584.5
18yTravel Blog5481.5
19Bacon is Magic5481.5
20Hole in the Donut5481.5
21Solo Traveler5481.5
22Wild Junket5377
23Art of Backpacking5377
24My Beautiful Adventures5377
25As We Travel5377
26The Professional Hobo5377
27Travel Dudes5272.5
28Chris Around The World5272.5
29Beers and Beans5272.5
312 Backpackers5168.5
32Twenty Something Travel5168.5
33Otts World5168.5
34Camels & Chocolate5168.5
35Go See Write5064
36Man on the Lam5064
37A Little Adrift5064
38Europe Up Close5064
39501 Places5064
40Brendan’s Adventures4958.5
41Johnny Vagabond4958.5
42Inside The Travel Lab4958.5
43Over Yonderlust4958.5
44Heather on Her Travels4958.5
46Adventurous Kate4850.5
47Wandering Earl4850.5
48Traveling Canucks4850.5
50The Travel Tart4850.5
51Fevered Mutterings4850.5
52The Aussie Nomad4850.5
53The Road Forks4850.5
54Mai Travel Site4850.5
55Travels of Adam4850.5
56The Longest Way Home4850.5
57Flip Nomad4850.5
58Nomadic Samuel4740.5
59Dangerous Business4740.5
60Nerdy Nomad4740.5
61The Jungle Princess4740.5
62Brooke Vs The World4740.5
63Cumi & Ciki4740.5
64Trans-Americas Journey4635.5
65Runaway Juno4635.5
66Suzy Guese4635.5
67Spunky Girl Monologues4635.5
68Ordinary Traveler4530.5
69Never Ending Voyage4530.5
70Travels with a Nine Year Old4530.5
71Pause the Moment4530.5
72Budget Travel Adventures4530.5
73Tourist 2 Townie4530.5
74Inspiring Travellers4424
75Career Break Secrets4424
76Downtown Traveler4424
78Ken Kaminesky4424
79Traveling Ted TV4424
80One Step 4Ward4424
81Hecktic Travels4318
82The Travel Chica4318
83Expert Vagabond4318
84The Adventures of D4318
85Stop Having a Boring Life4318
86No Place To Be4213
87Runaway Jane4213
88Positive World Travel4213
89Go Mexico Guide4213
90Wild About Travel4213
91Explore for a Year419
92Don’t Ever Look Back419
93Phil in the Blank419
94Globetrotter Girls406
95Rocky Travel406
96Raising Miro406
97Bohemian Trails393
98No Vacation Required393
99Travel with a Mate393
100Never Ending Footsteps381

#MOZrank Top 100ScorePoints
1Man on the Lam7.12100
2The Travel Tart6.3899
3Everything Everywhere5.9198
4Fevered Mutterings5.8997
5The Planet D5.8696
6Inside The Travel Lab5.8595
7Nomadic Matt5.8294
8Travel Dudes5.793
9Uncornered Market5.6792
10Solo Traveler5.6591
11Legal Nomads5.6090
12Stop Having a Boring Life5.5389
13Fox Nomad5.5088
14Fluent in 3 months5.4887
15As We Travel5.4786
16Wandering Trader5.4484.5
17The Longest Way Home5.4484.5
18The Amateur Traveler5.4383
19Delicious Baby5.4282
20The Indie Travel Podcast5.3981
21My Beautiful Adventures5.3580
22Velvet Escape5.3278.5
23Beers and Beans5.3278.5
25yTravel Blog5.3075.5
26Art of Backpacking5.375.5
27Hole in the Donut5.2873.5
28Over Yonderlust5.2873.5
29Almost Fearless5.2672
30Positive World Travel5.2471
31Bacon is Magic5.2269.5
32Pause the Moment5.2269.5
34Wild Junket5.1966
352 Backpackers5.1966
36A Little Adrift5.1966
37Adventurous Kate5.1564
38Wandering Earl5.1463
39My Itchy Travel Feet5.1361.5
40The Aussie Nomad5.1361.5
41Travels of Adam5.1260
42Otts World5.1158.5
43501 Places5.1158.5
44Camels & Chocolate5.1056.5
46Nomadic Samuel5.0954.5
47Go Backpacking5.0954.5
48Heather on Her Travels5.0953
49Twenty Something Travel5.0851
51One Step 4Ward5.0851
52The Professional Hobo5.0749
53Chris Around The World5.0647.5
54Mai Travel Site5.0647.5
55Go See Write5.0446
56Runaway Juno5.0344.5
57Cumi & Ciki5.0344.5
58Nerdy Nomad5.0142.5
59Tourist 2 Townie5.0142.5
60Europe Up Close541
61Trans-Americas Journey4.9939.5
62Spunky Girl Monologues4.9939.5
63Downtown Traveler4.9838
64Dangerous Business4.9735.5
65Runaway Jane4.9735.5
66Travel with a Mate4.9735.5
67Soul Travelers 34.9735.5
68Never Ending Voyage4.9631.5
69Travels with a Nine Year Old4.9631.5
70Explore for a Year4.9631.5
71Career Break Secrets4.9631.5
72Globetrotter Girls4.9529
73Johnny Vagabond4.9427.5
74No Place To Be4.9427.5
75Wild About Travel4.9226
76Traveling Canucks4.9125
77Hecktic Travels4.8924
78The Travel Chica4.8723
79The Road Forks4.8621.5
80Brooke Vs The World4.8621.5
81Don’t Ever Look Back4.8420
82Expert Vagabond4.8319
83No Vacation Required4.8317
84Ken Kaminesky4.8317
85Phil in the Blank4.8317
86Brendan’s Adventures4.8214.5
88The Jungle Princess4.812.5
89Raising Miro4.812.5
90Bohemian Trails4.7610.5
91Never Ending Footsteps4.7610.5
92Suzy Guese4.758.5
93Traveling Ted TV4.758.5
94Budget Travel Adventures4.746.5
95Go Mexico Guide4.746.5
96Ordinary Traveler4.735
97Inspiring Travellers4.74
98Rocky Travel4.532.5
99Flip Nomad4.532.5
100The Adventures of D4.411


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