Top 100 Travel Blogs | SEOmoz + Alexa Rankings | Volume III | June, 2012

**(All data gathered for the latest update on June 12, 2012)**

Welcome to Volume III of the Top 100 Travel blogs!  I’m still blown away by the amount of interest the list is receiving.  I’m getting on average 20-30 new submissions in between every update and of those sites roughly half of them qualify to be tracked.

In this update I’ve changed the format slightly.  Now gone is MozRank.  I had been toying with removing this from the ranking system ever since I first created the list.  Now that it has been removed from the SEOmoz toolbar on Chrome it was the writing on the wall.  The problem with that category is that it was essentially measuring what Page Authority was already covering.  In essence, it was taking away from the importance of Domain Authority and skewing the results.

Thus, from this point onwards it will be Domain Authority, Page Authority and Alexa being tracked.  SEOmoz will make up 67% of the rankings (Domain Authority and Page Authority) whereas Alexa will make up 33%.

On this update I’ve tracked 155 sites meaning every category is now ranked out of a possible 155 points all the way down to 1.

Some top performers on this update include Green Global TravelGo Backpacking and Turkish Travel Blog.

Green Global Travel is no doubt one of the fastest growing travel sites out there.  They’ve been performing at a level that is going to ensure they continue to climb the rankings of this list in upcoming months.

Go Backpacking is a veteran travel blog that is not resting on its laurels.  Dave’s site has been improving constantly and moving up the rankings on recent updates.

Turkish Travel Blog is a new addition to the list.  I’m a big fan of Natalie’s site.

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#Top 100 Travel BlogsScore
1Nomadic Matt461
2Everything Everywhere460
3Stuck In Customs458
4The Planet D443
5Uncornered Market441
6Fluent in 3 months433
7Almost Fearless420.5
8Go Backpacking420
9The Everywhereist414
10Bacon is Magic408
11Y Travel Blog405
12Wandering Trader401
13Fox Nomad398
14Legal Nomads390.5
15Chris Around The World389
16Travel Dudes386
17My Itchy Travel Feet384.5
18The Vacation Gals382
19Go See Write378
20Wild Junket370
21Art of Backpacking369
22As We Travel367
23Twenty Something Travel364
24Life Cruiser363.5
26Otts World360
27Adventurous Kate356
28The Indie Travel Podcast356
29The Amateur Traveler353
30Hole in the Donut Cultural Travel352
31Beers and Beans351
32Solo Traveler351
33Nerdy Nomad349.5
342 Backpackers349
35Family On Bikes347.5
36Nomadic Samuel344.5
37Velvet Escape343.5
38Delicious Baby341
39Travels of Adam331
40Dave’s Travel Corner329
41Brendan’s Adventures327.5
42Wandering Earl327
43Travel Experta324
44My Beautiful Adventures314.5
45Get In The Hot Spot310
46Traveling Canucks306
47Travel O Cafe304.5
48Soul Travelers 3304
49A Little Adrift303
51Sharing Travel Experiences300
52Johnny Vagabond298.5
53Man on the Lam296
54A Dangerous Business292
55Inside The Travel Lab288.5
56Muza Chan286
57The Professional Hobo277.5
58Heather on Her Travels273
60Camels & Chocolate272.5
61Europe Up Close271.5
62Over Yonderlust269.5
63Mai Travel Site269
64Nerd’s Eye View262.5
65CC Food Travel254
66Never Ending Voyage253
67The Travel Tart251
68Smiling Faces Travel Photos248
69Hecktic Travels245
70Sophie’s World244.5
71Inspiring Travellers243
72Ordinary Traveler241.5
73The Aussie Nomad241
74The Longest Way Home239.5
75Turkish Travel Blog236.5
76Nomadic Chick234.5
77The Jungle Princess231
78Green Global Travel226
79Around the World L223.5
80Travels with a Nine Year Old223
81Kaleidoscopic Wandering214
82Trans-Americas Journey213
83Pause the Moment212.5
84Flip Nomad208
85The Road Forks204
86Fevered Mutterings201.5
87Suzy Guese201.5
88The Travel Chica201
89Spunky Girl Monologues200
90501 Places198.5
91Maiden Voyage196
92Runaway Jane188.5
93Virtual Wayfarer187.5
94Ken Kaminesky Photography185
95Budget Travel Adventures183
96Traveling Savage182.5
97Stop Having a Boring Life179
98My Several Worlds178
99Mallory On Travel172
100Tourist 2 Townie170.5

The following is a list of the Top 100 Travel Sites as ranked by their Alexa score:


#Alexa Top 100ScorePoints
1Nomadic Samuel12316155
2Nomadic Matt21020154
3Everything Everywhere24901153
4The Planet D26292152
5Smiling Faces Travel Photos31926151
6Travel Dudes33425150
7Mike’s Ryukyu Gallery34392149
8Stuck In Customs36450148
9Uncornered Market37073147
10Y Travel Blog37286146
11Muza Chan41620145
12Green Global Travel44966144
13Go Backpacking45067143
14Go See Write46016142
16Adventurous Kate49383140
17Hecktic Travels49671139
18Brendan’s Adventures51003138
19Inspiring Travellers53006137
21Bacon is Magic54258135
22Wild Junket55741134
23Fluent in 3 months55957133
24Almost Fearless56780132
25Trans-Americas Journey57316131
26Chris Around The World62301130
27Wandering Trader62840129
28Twenty Something Travel64772128
29Fox Nomad64815127
30That Backpacker65278126
31Wandering Earl65396125
32Otts World65519124
33Nerdy Nomad65735123
34Four Jandals67321122
35A Dangerous Business68667121
36Sophie’s World69775120
37Life Cruiser70006119
38Velvet Escape70552118
39Ordinary Traveler70769117
40Hole in the Donut Cultural Travel71253116
41Travels of Adam71855115
42The Travel Chica72049114
43Wild About Travel77612113
44Legal Nomads78484112
45Our Oyster79301111
46Over Yonderlust80639110
47Travel O Cafe81586109
48Mallory On Travel81791108
49Never Ending Footsteps83831107
50Art of Backpacking84714106
51Bohemian Trails87097105
52Never Ending Voyage88524104
53Johnny Vagabond88525103
54As We Travel88762102
55No Vacation Required89004101
56Expert Vagabond91111100
57Around the World L9252799
58Mai Travel Site9294098
59Beers and Beans9318897
60Traveling Canucks9433096
612 Backpackers9511895
62Globetrotter Girls9546394
63Inside The Travel Lab9594793
64What’s Dave Doing?9724792
65D Travels `Round9805891
66Finding The Universe9810490
67My Beautiful Adventures10449889
68Travel Experta10495788
69A Little Adrift10816487
70Solo Traveler10831686
71The Vacation Gals10965885
72Rocky Travel11089884
73Travels with a Nine Year Old11162483
74Camels & Chocolate11360882
75My Itchy Travel Feet11659181
76Man on the Lam11795480
77MS Listologist11810179
78Fevered Mutterings12022778
79Budget Travel Adventures12184877
80Turkish Travel Blog12241076
81Travel Yourself12559475
82CC Food Travel12578074
83Stop Having a Boring Life12603373
84Virtual Wayfarer12837072
85The Indie Travel Podcast13022471
86The Aussie Nomad13082570
87Family On Bikes13084369
88Go Mexico Guide13192768
90Tour Absurd13352266
92Raising Miro13507064
93Heather on Her Travels13612663
94Phil in the Blank13865562
95Suzy Guese13961361
96The Jungle Princess13975560
97The Amateur Traveler14103359
98Grounded Traveler14336858
99Don’t Ever Look Back14339857
100Get In The Hot Spot14392256

The following is a list of the top travel blogs ranked by Page Authority from top to bottom.


#Page Authority Top 100ScorePoints
1Stuck In Customs85155
2Everything Everywhere74153.5
3Nomadic Matt74153.5
4My Itchy Travel Feet69152
5Dave’s Travel Corner68150.5
6Fluent in 3 months68150.5
7Delicious Baby67147.5
8The Amateur Traveler67147.5
9The Vacation Gals67147.5
10Uncornered Market67147.5
11Almost Fearless66144.5
12The Planet D66144.5
13The Indie Travel Podcast65143
14Legal Nomads64141.5
15Soul Travelers 364141.5
16Bacon is Magic63139
18Family On Bikes63139
19As We Travel62135
20Go Backpacking62135
21Sharing Travel Experiences62135
22Solo Traveler62135
23Wandering Trader62135
242 Backpackers61129
25Art of Backpacking61129
26Beers and Beans61129
27Chris Around The World61129
28Fox Nomad61129
29Get In The Hot Spot61129
30Y Travel Blog61129
31Europe Up Close60119.5
32Go See Write60119.5
34Hole in the Donut Cultural Travel60119.5
35Life Cruiser60119.5
36Nerdy Nomad60119.5
37Otts World60119.5
38The Professional Hobo60119.5
39Travel Dudes60119.5
40Travel Experta60119.5
41Twenty Something Travel60119.5
42Wild Junket60119.5
43A Little Adrift59109
44Adventurous Kate59109
45Heather on Her Travels59109
47Man on the Lam59109
48My Beautiful Adventures59109
49Traveling Canucks59109
50Travels of Adam59109
51Velvet Escape59109
52Inside The Travel Lab58101
53Johnny Vagabond58101
54Kaleidoscopic Wandering58101
56The Travel Tart58101
57Travel O Cafe58101
58Wandering Earl58101
59Brendan’s Adventures5795
60Nomadic Chick5795
61Nomadic Samuel5795
62The Longest Way Home5795
63Traveling Savage5795
64501 Places5685.5
65A Dangerous Business5685.5
66CC Food Travel5685.5
67Flip Nomad5685.5
68Mai Travel Site5685.5
69Maiden Voyage5685.5
70My Several Worlds5685.5
71Nerd’s Eye View5685.5
72Nomadic Notes5685.5
73Pause the Moment5685.5
74The Aussie Nomad5685.5
75The Jungle Princess5685.5
76The Road Forks5685.5
77Turkish Travel Blog5685.5
78Brooke Vs The World5574
79Camels & Chocolate5574
81Never Ending Voyage5574
82Over Yonderlust5574
83Runaway Jane5574
84Spunky Girl Monologues5574
85Suzy Guese5574
87Around the World L5466
88Career Break Secrets5466
89Ken Kaminesky Photography5466
90Muza Chan5466
91Ordinary Traveler5466
92Sophie’s World5466
93Travels with a Nine Year Old5466
94Breathe Dream Go5357
95Budget Travel Adventures5357
96Fevered Mutterings5357
97Hecktic Travels5357
98Inspiring Travellers5357
99One Step 4Ward5357
100Runaway Juno5357

The following is a list of the top travel sites according to Domain Authority.

#Domain Authority Top 100ScorePoints
1Stuck In Customs82155
2Everything Everywhere69153.5
3Nomadic Matt69153.5
4Dave’s Travel Corner62151.5
5My Itchy Travel Feet62151.5
6Fluent in 3 months61149.5
7The Vacation Gals61149.5
8Delicious Baby60146.5
9The Amateur Traveler60146.5
10The Planet D60146.5
11Uncornered Market60146.5
12Almost Fearless59144
13Fox Nomad58142
14Go Backpacking58142
15The Indie Travel Podcast58142
16Family On Bikes57139.5
17Soul Travelers 357139.5
18Legal Nomads56137
19Nerd’s Eye View56137
20Wandering Trader56137
21Art of Backpacking55134
22Bacon is Magic55134
24As We Travel54130
25Chris Around The World54130
26Sharing Travel Experiences54130
27Solo Traveler54130
28Y Travel Blog54130
292 Backpackers53125
30Beers and Beans53125
31Get In The Hot Spot53125
32Life Cruiser53125
33The Professional Hobo53125
34Camels & Chocolate52116.5
35Go See Write52116.5
37Hole in the Donut Cultural Travel52116.5
39My Beautiful Adventures52116.5
40Otts World52116.5
41Travel Dudes52116.5
42Travel Experta52116.5
43Twenty Something Travel52116.5
44Velvet Escape52116.5
45Wild Junket52116.5
46A Little Adrift51107
47Adventurous Kate51107
48Europe Up Close51107
49Man on the Lam51107
51Nerdy Nomad51107
52Travels of Adam51107
53Heather on Her Travels50101
54Kaleidoscopic Wandering50101
55The Travel Tart50101
56Traveling Canucks50101
57Wandering Earl50101
58Brendan’s Adventures4994.5
59CC Food Travel4994.5
60Inside The Travel Lab4994.5
61Johnny Vagabond4994.5
62Nomadic Samuel4994.5
63The Longest Way Home4994.5
64The Road Forks4994.5
65Travel O Cafe4994.5
66A Dangerous Business4885.5
67Flip Nomad4885.5
68Mai Travel Site4885.5
69Maiden Voyage4885.5
70My Several Worlds4885.5
71Nomadic Chick4885.5
72Over Yonderlust4885.5
73The Aussie Nomad4885.5
74The Jungle Princess4885.5
75Traveling Savage4885.5
76501 Places4775
77Brooke Vs The World4775
78Ken Kaminesky Photography4775
79Muza Chan4775
80Never Ending Voyage4775
81Nomadic Notes4775
82Pause the Moment4775
83Spunky Girl Monologues4775
85Travels with a Nine Year Old4775
86Turkish Travel Blog4775
87Career Break Secrets4666.5
88Fevered Mutterings4666.5
90Runaway Jane4666.5
91Runaway Juno4666.5
92Suzy Guese4666.5
94Around the World L4558.5
95Green Global Travel4558.5
96One Step 4Ward4558.5
97Ordinary Traveler4558.5
98Sophie’s World4558.5
99Tourist 2 Townie4558.5
100Trans-Americas Journey4558.5

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