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Waegook Tom is one of my personal favourite travel blogs.  Tom’s been based in Korea for several years and I can relate well to his stories about Korea along with his quirky travel adventures and life observations.  He’s a great writer and with his humour and charm he’s become one of the top travel blogs to follow.

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  • Nice Blog and i would like to say thanks for sharing …

  • Chris says:

    I like Tom’s bog and have been followed him for a while.

  • John Cena says:

    Nice Blog i must say, Thanks for sharing.
    Days Inn kissimmee

  • Hi Tom,

    I hope all is well. Based on your last post about your hike I gather that it is.

    I know you don’t have much time, so I’ll be brief. I graduated last semester from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. One year ago, I studied abroad in Ghana and I discovered my passion for traveling and entertaining through a blog. I was blogging mainly for my friends and family, but I still managed to get over 10,000 hits during my 5 months abroad. I also dabbled with iMovie and made a few videos.

    I’m planning on teaching English somewhere exotic in SE Asia sometime in the near future. I actually have been to Korea for a week to visit my brother who taught English there. Though, I’m leaning towards going to Vietnam.

    While I teach there to earn money, my main focus will be my blog, as I plan to make videos, write songs, and generate quality content. I’ve researched a lot about how to generate income from a blog, but I feel like travel blogs are quite different. My big dream is to have my own travel TV show one day; I love being in front of the camera. I aim to entertain as well as educate and inform.

    I was wondering if you had any advice as to how I can prepare as much as possible so that when I get out to SE Asia, I can be ready to hit the ground running.

    I understand if you are too busy to give me an in depth response or prefer not to talk about this given our limited interactions in the past. However, if the professor in you has any pearls of wisdom or specific suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you in advance and I hope we can connect.


    Jeremy Ginsburg

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