Eating McDonald’s in South Korea

Audrey 'That Backpacker' Eating McDonald's

I’d like to think of myself as somewhat of a suave connoisseur in the delicate art of satisfying my taste buds by gormandizing on delicious ethnic cuisine while travelling or living abroad 😛  I thoroughly enjoy eating local foods when abroad and I quite literally, get excited to visit a country for the first time, to satisfy an urge of trying something new and exotic;  however, with all that being said, I do absolutely crave my comfort foods from time to time.  I once in a while find myself in ‘finer establishments’ such as McDonald’s (as opposed to eating Korean food) that I’m embarrassed to admit I actually frequent.

Chicken Maharaja Mac in Delhi, India

In this travel video I’ve caved in and I’m on a mission to find the Golden Arches with my girlfriend Audrey.  Although we’re typically looking to try Korean cuisine while based in Korea, we’ve deviated off that path on more than one occasion.  Sometimes being situated in a Korean apartment and working environment has me clamoring for familiar items.  One thing I find fascinating about McDonald’s is that they do cater towards local flavours and preferences in far off corners of the world.  In Korea, there is the Bulgogi burger, which is basically a burger coated with a layer of sauce not very different from Teriyaki sauce.  While in India I once had the ‘Maharaja Mac’ which was basically similar to the Big Mac but with chicken replacing beef patties. Sometimes I feel appalled that McDonald’s has such a global presence around the world; however, I also recognize that forms of ‘fast food and junk food’ exist just about everywhere I’ve ever been.  Those golden arches have certainly helped contribute to my blogger belly rotund condition.

Watch as we devour quarter & double quarter pounders with cheese.  Honestly, have you ever seen somebody use so much ketchup in your entire life?

A few quirky facts about McDonald’s in Korea:

Ketchup only comes in packages and they only hand you ONE measly serving if you don’t ask for more

Drinks are filled behind the counter and not bottomless

Portions are considerably smaller (fries and soft drinks) than in Western countries – an extra large would be a medium in Canada or the US

Service is generally extremely slow!  I’ve had sit down Korean meals presented to me more expediently than while waiting in line for some Mc’Goodness

*Anyhow, some of you might be wondering how my plan to lose weight is going in midst of my confessions about scarfing down less than stellar dining options.  The truth is that it has been going very well.  I’ve been quite disciplined with my eating and exercise routine throughout the week and when I’ve been meeting up with Audrey I’ve been enjoying ‘controlled’ pig-out sessions.  What I mean by that is I’ve been allowing myself to eat whatever I want within moderation on the weekends.  Portion control has been the key here for me not totally blowing it :)*

I’m curious to find out what kind of things you crave while on the road or travelling abroad?  Do you ever succumb to weakness and find yourself dripping ketchup all over yourself at McDonald’s?  Or do you exercise a little more self control and discipline than what I’m able to muster up?


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