Happy Canada Day! Happy Nomadic Samuel & Backpacking Travel Blog Day!

Happy Canada Day!  Happy Nomadic Samuel Day!  Happy Backpacking Travel Blog Day!

Happy Canada Day!!!!  Happy Nomadic Samuel Day!!!  Happy Backpacking Travel Blog Day!!!

On July 1st, 2012 Canada celebrates its 144th birthday, Nomadic Samuel its first ever & Backpacking Travel Blog officially launches 🙂

In some ways it seems like yesterday (and in other ways like an eternity ago) that I was sweating profusely in a matchbox sized flop-house in Penang, Malaysia tinkering around with the website design of my first ever travel blog.  I was all thumbs at the time crashing my site several times and spending hours researching on-line how I could get it back up again.  I got so frustrated at certain points this blog almost never got off the ground even before it began.  I’m dead serious!

I returned home on June 23rd, 2011 from what was nearly a two year backpacking expedition around South America and Asia.  I was broke.  I was tired.  I had a ridiculous amount of photos, videos and stories I wanted to unleash to the masses who converge on the interwebs.  For several days I scrambled like a fiend to throw up a bit of content, clean up my site design and create a facebook fan page before the ‘official’ launch of my site.  I figured what better date than Canada Day to kick things off.

Now a year later my site has celebrated its first birthday and I’ve now got another exciting project, I worked excessively around the clock at the 11th hour, so that it too could be launched on the birthday of my country I haven’t lived in for over seven years.  The biggest difference is that I’m not working on this alone 🙂  My girlfriend (Audrey Berger aka That Backpacker) is my partner in crime on this one.

Backpacking Travel Blog

We’re ecstatic to announce Backpacking Travel Blog is officially launching today!

When most of our compatriots back home are wolfing down poutine, guzzling Moosehead Lager, downing copious amounts of Maple Syrup and watching fireworks explode like popcorn left in the microwave a little too long we’ve been hustling something fierce to tinker with our site design and toss up enough content to get this done on time.

Although this is hardly a traditional Canada Day celebration it is certainly one of the most memorable to date.  I’m excited about the future of the blog and of my relationship with Audrey as we continue to save hard in Korea with plans of taking on the world with our backpackers in just a few more months.

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