VIDEO: A Tour of Hong Kong by bus at night

Hong Kong is a world class 24 hour alpha city that pulsates at any time of day; however, there is something undeniably spectacular about it at night when the bright lights of this enormous city shine its brightest.

Normally, I’m a fan of exploring a city by foot as opposed to taking any method of transportation. I typically find I appreciate it more when I’m legging it out. However, when dealing with a behemoth like Hong Kong, covering it all by foot is a rather daunting task. I estimate it would have taken at least 10 solid nights of wandering around for 2-3 hours to cover everything we wanted to see.

With this in mind we decided to take a hop on hop off open rooftop tour of the city to explore all of the major neighborhoods on Hong Kong Island and Kowloon.  What was a surprise for us is that the tour didn’t just focus on main attractions. We had a chance to visit popular night market areas and really get a sense of how hectic and chaotic Hong Kong is at night.

If you’re in Hong Kong for a limited amount of time (less than two weeks) this is the way to go.  Come join our journey as we showcase Hong Kong at night in our latest travel video.

Video Script:

A tour of Hong Kong Island and Kowloon at night via Big Bus Open-Top Tours (晚上香港及九龍遊).

So we’re back on the Big Bus again this time we’re doing a night tour and I’m really excited about this one especially because Hong Kong really shines at night. It’s an amazing city by day but there is just something spectacular about it at night time.
Delicious double chocolate brownie cookies. Best enjoyed on top of a double decker bus. Hahaha.
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A Tour of Hong Kong Island and Kowloon by bus at night


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