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In our latest travel video we eat lunch at our favorite Cambodian restaurant (Home Cocktail) where we devour a set lunch consisting of spring rolls (fresh and fried), amok coconut curry, vegetable curry, rice and fried banana in a rum/coconut cream sauce. We’ve been eating at this restaurant almost once a day since we arrived over a week and a half ago. We can’t get enough of their set meals given how much tickle our taste buds without putting much of a dent in our wallets. The set meal we had today cost only $9 ($5 for the amok curry set and $4 for the chicken curry set).

Video Script:

Today we are having lunch at our favorite restaurant in Siem Reap, it is called home cocktails, but the name doesn’t really describe the atmosphere of this place too well. It is actually a very relaxed and chilled our restaurant with nice wicker chairs that you can just slink back into. They play Jack Johnson and Johnny Cash and they have really good food.

We just arrived at the restaurant here and I was certain I brought my glasses and set them down on the table and suddenly they were gone. I spent the last two minutes frantically looking around the area wondering where are my glasses because they are prescription sunglasses. These aren’t cheap one dollar ones you pickup. These are maybe close to $100 glasses. I was frantically looking around for these glasses and it turned out our server accidentally put them on his tray. For the last five minutes I was stressed out. They are back in my hands now.

Thank you. Here is a little dish that Sam eats every single day. Deep-fried spring rolls, it does not get better than that. The first of our three courses have arrived – these are the appetizers. I’m starting off with deep-fried spring rolls, which you can see down here and what do you got?

I went with a healthier alternative – mine are fresh spring rolls. This is going to be messy. How are they? Really good. What kind of ingredients can you taste? We have tomatoes, lettuce, onions, carrots but it also has mint leaves, so it is very refreshing.

Savor that spring roll – savor it good. My favorite curry has arrived and here we go for the reveal. It comes in a coconut. Look at that. This is Amok but in curry form. Amok is generally a fish that has been wrapped in a banana leaf. In this case, we have a nice coconut based curry with lots of veggies and fish.

How is the Amok? It is so good. I eat this almost every single day. Honestly, I can eat it without rice. It is almost like a nice thick creamy soup, so I’m happy just eating it by the spoonful.

Our second curry is a chicken vegetable coconut based curry. It is somewhat similar to the amok. It is not quite as creamy. It is actually a bit spicier. It is also delicious as well. We’ve had this one several times.

Okay, first bite. It is a really rich curry that is coconut based and a little bit sweet and savory. It is delicious.

Ok, so this is your favorite dessert. What are you having today? These are bananas coated in a rum and coconut based sauce with palm sugar. It is so sweet and so delicious. Our entire meal cost nine dollars. It was five dollars for the Amok set and four dollars for the curry set, so it was a real cheap affordable. Nine dollars in total and it was delicious. We highly recommend coming. We’re going to miss this place aren’t we? Big time.

Eating Amok curry lunch in Siem Reap, Cambodia

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