VIDEO: Argentine Breakfast in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Argentine Breakfast in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Come join us as we take you out for a typical Argentine breakfast in Buenos Aires, Argentina at a favorite little cafe nearby our apartment. Hint: it’s a sweet one!

Travel Video: Argentine Breakfast in Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Video Script:

So today’s video is all about breakfast and the plan is to show you an Argentinian breakfast. Or a desayunar.

Now we wanted to go to a really nice cafe that is near the Recoleta Cemetery; however, it is pouring rain outside so we just ran out of our apartment and found the nearest cafe and popped in. So we’ve placed our order, we are hungry and yeah we’re going to be showing you what breakfast looks like in this part of the world.

So Sam our breakfast has arrived. Breakfast has arrived. I am a very happy boy. Well, the cool thing about breakfast in Argentina is that they like to keep it simple and sweet. And that makes it one of my favorite meals here.

So I’m pretty happy with what I ordered. I got Café con leche which is coffee with milk. The milk is super frothy by the way. Check that out. I’m not even a coffee drinker. I normally go for tea but when in Argentina you’ve got to do it right. You’ve got to get some coffee. And then over here I have my medialuna. Which is like a croissant. This one is made with butter and I have facturas which are little pastries. So this one is made with crema pastelera which is kind of like a yellow cream similar to Boston Cream. And this one is stuffed with quince jam. So super excited about that. This is going to be a good breakfast and I’m just going to dig right in. I’m not waiting for you. Ha!


So, I bit most of the jam out but if you have a look inside. It is like a little croissant roll. A butter roll stuffed with quince jam which is so good. Mmmhmmm.

So Sam can you tell us what you ordered for breakfast. I sure can. So if you take a look down here I’m having something called tostadas which essentially is toast. Yes. It is a massive generous portion. It’s a lot of toast. 6 slices. Yeah, I was thinking maybe like two slices but I’ve got six. And what I’m most excited about here is this is like a whipped butter and it looks amazing. So I’m just going to pour it, not pour it, spread it all over and then take a bit of the jam. I wonder what kind of jam it is. It looks like it may be cherry jam actually. Cherry or a dark raspberry. So getting that ready. Let’s see how good this toast is. Wow.

That is some mighty fine toast. Starting the day with sugar. Oh, yeah.

And beverage of choice this morning? Yeah, and for me the best part about Argentine breakfast is the coffee. The quality of the coffee is superb. And I ordered one with con leche. Cafe con leche which means a generous portion of milk and wow is it ever good. I usually put in one pack of sugar, stir it around and it is like perfection. It is magic. Perfection in a cup.

Have a sip. I could have this any time of day. Not just for breakfast. And breakfast also came with orange juice today. It did. How is that? Is it from concentrate? Or freshly squeezed? You know what, it actually tastes freshly squeezed but the pulp has been removed. So good quality orange juice too. We are going to be on some kind of a sugar high by the time we’re done all of this food and drink.

Well, as you as you can see we had no trouble devouring that. Yeah, we polished that all off. It is time for price point. Yes, so basically it was 60 pesos per person which right now is between 4 to 5 US dollars. And in some cheaper cafes you can get it for like three but this one is like a really nice quality meal. And they’re really generous with the portions and the quality of the food was good so excellent value I’d say. So you’re satisfied? Very much. I may need a siesta after breakfast. A morning siesta.

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